There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a good documentary. So, if you’re interested in truly disturbing shit, which is true, and will haunt you, here are some docu-series you can consider watching.

Have you ever thought to yourself: Gee, I wish there was something that had the thrill of a documentary, without all the commitment? No? My fellow adults with ADHD know what I’m talking about. Anyway, whether you can commit to a feature length film or not, I have noticed this trend emerging (because I’m a bit of a cultural anthropologist – no one else has noticed this) of Netflix releasing a crap-ton of “docu-series.”

“What is a docu-series?” If you’re asking me this, I’m going to assume that you, like me, are ESL and don’t know a compound word when it smacks you in the face.

A docu-series is a documentary, splayed into several parts – a series – rather than a feature length film. It allows for – and I’ll quote my Baba whenever she see’s me in a bathing suit – “more to love.”

So, if you’re interested in truly disturbing shit, which is true, and will haunt you, here are some docu-series you can consider watching (or binging, if you’re into that).

5. The Keepers

*TRIGGER ALERT* I’m about to talk a lot of shit about the Catholic Church. Lmao just kidding, Catholics are cool with me. I love God! But you know what’s NOT cool? When an innocent nun gets murdered in 1969 by a Catholic rapist! That’s all I’m going to say about that! But seriously – this is a really good show. It takes place in Baltimore where the Catholic Church basically ran shit, and a nun gets murdered which is already a wild story (who the FUCK murders a NUN??) and then as you delve deeper, you see that the murder is just the tip of the iceberg on a wildly large crime ring / rapist conspiracy that tainted the lives of hundreds of women! Super touching, super dark, super worth the watch. Sorry to any Catholic people I may have insulted.

4. Evil Genius 

The title’s a bit of a giveaway, but yeah, this show (like most docu-series) starts with one incident, which later uncovers a slew of issues beneath it. The incident that starts this bad boy off is that a man is forced to rob a bank with a bomb around his neck, and the bomb is on a timer. Is that not some Batman / Joker shit if you’ve ever heard it? He also has a LIST with a map of things he must complete before the bomb goes off. I won’t tell you anything else, but I will tell you that following the robbery, you are lead down such a twisty-turny path you’ll be wondering “OK, WHO DONE IT???” It’s a real mystery, it’s only 4 episodes, and every one is a cliffhanger. Crucial to the ADHD community. I got you guys!

3. The Jinx

I’m just going to say this – if you haven’t seen The Jinx – WAKE UP. The Jinx is not on Netflix, but I believe it’s on Crave. Or if you’re savvy, just torrent it like I do SNL every week (Sorry Lorne Michaels, but you’re Canadian and it is INSANE that NBC does not stream SNL in our country!) But I digress… The Jinx is another mystery about alleged serial killer and NYC Billionaire, Robert Durst. Durst’s backstory is already wild, seeing as he comes from one of the richest families in America. The mystery following the deaths of people he is associated with is one that filmmaker Andrew Jeracki tries to solve, and in the process, becomes privy to interviews with Durst exclusive to The Jinx. I would strongly recommend watching this bad boy if you a) want an ass-backwards mystery, b) ever wondered what a one-on-one interview with a cuckoo bird was like, and c) want to witness the LARGEST TWIST IN DOCUMENTARY HISTORY, A TWIST SO WILD IT WILL HAVE YOU FLOORED! Needless to say, I recommend this content.

2. Bobby Kennedy For President

Obviously I can’t leave out the history buffs who probably aren’t reading this. I am truly obsessed with the Kennedys, so this already had a soft spot in my heart. What I like about revisiting old presidential conflicts is that it argues against the often stated “This is the worst time in America.” Obviously now is a hectic time in America, but if you want a taste of the HELL-HOLE that was the 60’s, I would strongly recommend watching this docu-series. It gives you a very entertaining and easy-to-digest history lesson, while also navigating Bobby Kennedy’s campaign only a few years after his brother was assassinated, during the Vietnam war, and during the assassination of Martin Luther King. I’m not going to tell you how it ends (but if you have ever heard of the Kennedys, you know how this one ends). Really educational, BUT NOT in a boring way. Loved it!

1. Conspiracy

This one is good because it’s not cohesive, you can literally choose any episode and enjoy 30 minutes of focused conspiracy theories. Episodes range in titles from “The Moon Landing” to “Pearl Harbour”. Even if you’re not a big conspiracy person, it’s cool to get the other perspective, and learn more about the event in the process. Kind of like reality TV, this show is just JUICY!