From now until October 23 is prime time to focus on strengthening your relationships, from your bae to your BFFs to your biz connections.

After meticulous Virgo helped us to get focused and clean up our acts from August 23 – September  23, Libra makes its graceful entrance, turning our minds to matters of the heart. Libra is one of the most social signs of the zodiac, and it lives to pair up with others and activate its highest potential. This next month is prime time to focus on strengthening our relationships, from our bonds with bae to our BFFs to our biz connections. Here are a few ways to activate your most powerful partnerships this Libra season.

Love up on yourself

Friendly reminder: Your most important relationship is with YOURSELF. Libra is excellent at self-care, especially the decadent kind. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and romance, Libra loves to be swept off its feet. Self-care Libra-style looks like silky PJs, gorgeous scented candles, sexy playlists and fresh cut flowers on the table. Or maybe wooly socks, tasty teas and a CBD face mask. Whatever stirs your senses in the right way is the way to treat yourself this month. 

Be the calm you wish to see in the world 

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Most Libras are well-aware: People of this sign can often walk into any room and dissolve the tension. The sign of the scales tends to be a natural bringer of balance. If there’s underlying negativity brewing in your friendship group, or if there’s someone in particular you’ve been feeling awkward about since XYZ happened, take the initiative to clear the air now. Peace-keeper Libra is hardwired to facilitate forgiveness, so whether it’s you releasing a grudge, or holding space for a friend to move through their feels, embody the calm you want to cultivate in your world.

Put yourself out there in the romance department

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If you’ve been wondering what might happen if you just tried Hinge, or if you actually went ahead and sent that cute acquaintance a bold-ish text, make Libra season your time to put yourself out there. It’s not every month we have the energy of Venus – the planet of amour and its charming sign of partnerships determining where our heads are at. Don your rosiest glasses and act like you have nothing to lose. Who knows – even if it doesn’t end up being a thing, your attitude of ‘why not?’ will almost certainly lead to a good time. If you’re partnered, your efforts to be a little more vocal about your needs or desires – in any area of your relationship, could lead to an even firmer foundation with your bae.

Inject some fun into your workplace 

Under no circumstances will Libra tolerate boring, stuffy, or lonely atmospheres – those vibes just dull our life force a little more than usual during our current season. If your office tends to be any of the above, liven things up by planning a dodge ball tournament, a sushi lunch, or just bringing coffee and croissants to your regular scheduled Monday morning meeting. A little effort to bring the team together and make others feel appreciated ‘just because’ will go a long way.

Embrace flexibility and collaboration

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Where Virgo season had us getting focused on what we want and making an air-tight plan to get it, Libra season can help us get flexible and open ourselves up to new perspectives. This is a season to release rigidity in our thinking. As an air sign, Libra is highly intellectual and can see the many different sides of things. If you’ve been feeling creatively blocked or uninspired, book a brainstorming session with a savvy connection you’ve been admiring, or a friend who has what you want. Libra season is one major reminder – other people are here to help! Get flexible and invite a like-minded perspective in to expand yours. Don’t wait for opportunity to knock!

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