The countdown to All Hallows’ Eve has officially commenced. We’ve gathered some of our best tips to have a cannabis-infused banger that your friends will never forget.

It’s October, which means the mornings are starting to feel crisper, the leaves are turning to stunning orange and yellow hues, and the countdown to All Hallows’ Eve has officially commenced. We love Halloween here at Weedbox, and we also love a good party. So, we’ve gathered some of our best tips to have a cannabis-infused banger that your friends will never forget.

Cannabis-Infused Everything

It goes without saying that one of the most important parts of a party is the food and drink, and nowadays there’s no shortage of ideas and recipes to infuse your spread with cannabis. We love these spooky cocktail ideas, but the sky is the limit: a quick Google search will bring up a boatload of cocktail recipes, all of which can be transformed with a little bit of cannabis.

Make a Pumpkin Bong

Image via Zamnesia

Passing around the communal bong is standard at most parties, so why not make it festive? We love this fun DIY pumpkin bong that harkens back to the old days when we couldn’t actually buy legit paraphernalia. Plus, this novelty ‘bong’ relieves you of any worry around the risk of your precious glass accidentally getting shattered. If you’re feeling extra, you can also pick up a gas mask bong that’s sure to get people talking (and toking).

Get the Munchies

assorted breads

You’ll of course also need a well-stocked supply of snacks to keep your guests happy and high. Gone are the days of rationing a single, sacred pot brownie. The internet is chock-full of tasty, elevated recipes: try subbing in cannabis olive oil to roast pumpkin seeds, add a few drops to your infamous guacamole recipe, or make a kushy caramel dip made with cannabutter and served with apple slices. Also, a big bowl of Doritos will never disappoint. This is Halloween, after all.

Make a Spooky Playlist

lighted Jack-o'-Lantern

Atmosphere is the key to a good party. We’ve put together a spooky starter playlist for you to build on, cuz we got you, boo.

Hire a Tarot Reader

Although it’s been used for centuries, tarot has really had its renaissance over the past few years, and there’s a surplus of experienced readers who can take your shindig from good to great. Consider hiring a tarot reader for a portion of the evening to read your guests’ cards – ask around for a reco, or, check Bark to find one in your area.

Treat Your Guests to a Party Favour

assorted-flavour candies lot

Why should the kids get all the treats? Making up some adult goody bags for your guests to take home when the night is over is sure to leave a lasting impression. Fill some festive bags with your favourite candy (spiked or not), some cheap and cheerful one-hitters, rolling papers, and perhaps a spooky grinder or two. You know your guests better than we do, so get creative with these!

We hope these ideas will inspire you. Happy Halloween, little monsters!

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