When the sun moves into fiery Leo on July 22, we have the opportunity to open up our hearts and share our light with the world. Here’s how to get courageous and give of yourself this season.

Welcome to Leo season! From July 22 – August 22, the focus will be on self-expression, bringing people we love together, and stoking the fires in our relationships. Get ready to open your heart.

Leo, the first fire sign in the zodiac, is ruled by the sun itself – so it’s no surprise that Leo’s superpower is its warmth, generosity and passion. Leo has a lot to give, and it can teach us that to give love is to open ourselves up to receive even more. Leo is naturally skilled at attracting abundance, and so this season is one to prioritize our gratitude for all we have, and see how much more we attract when we do so! Here are 6 ways to activate and expand your heart this season.

Identify your love language. Use it. 

For a lot of us, giving and receiving love doesn’t exactly come easily – with love of course comes vulnerability, which is not for the faint of heart. Leo energy is the medicine. Open yourself up to love by identifying your love language, or, the specific way you want to be recognized and appreciated in your relationships. Love languages is a concept based on a book by Gary Chapman called the 5 Love Languages which teaches that everyone gives and receives love in a certain, different way – words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch. Understanding your own and others can help promote compassion in our relationships. Take this quiz to find out. 

Bring the A team together

man jump in mid air on body of water

Leo’s charisma and excellent taste makes it a fabulous host. Set at least one date this summer to host a decadent dinner party at your place, or have the crew over for a leisurely afternoon by the pool, or weekend up at a cottage. The weather is only this nice once a year, after all – take the opportunity to celebrate life and let your friends feel really cared for. If the idea of hosting makes you cringe a little, treat your friends to a display of affection that really honours them, like picking up the bill for lunch or your weekly manicure ritual. 

Stand in your power

Leo has a regal quality, which makes it a natural-born leader – this is the sign of the lion, the king of the jungle, after all. This is a season to stand in our own power and let it be an example for others. Whether you feel most strong and influential behind a camera, writing or editing scripts, on a yoga mat, or even commanding a room from a stage, own it! Don’t dim down your strengths or your passions. Show them off. Remember that being the queen / king / ruler of your own life takes nothing away from others, but rather, gives others permission to do the same. 

Practice your abundance mindset 

Leo is one of the most generous signs. It’s driven to give – financially, energetically, emotionally. This season, consider where you’re at with your own relationship with abundance. Do you believe money is an energy and that there is enough to go around? Do you believe the same for love? It’s said that the key to ‘having it all’ is believing you already do. This isn’t about closing your eyes and trying to convince yourself there’s a pile of cash in front of you – it’s about trusting that you have everything you need, already inside you. It’s about feeling genuine gratitude for all you have and all you are. Practice giving this season, and feel how much richer you feel when you do.

Forgive yourself or someone else 

If there’s a grudge that’s holding you back or weighing on your heart, Leo season could be your time to forgive and put the past behind you. Remember: Forgiveness isn’t about condoning certain behaviour, it’s about freeing yourself from wishing the past was any different! Release a grudge and allow yourself to be fully whole in the present moment from now on. Forgiveness doesn’t require contact with the person you want to forgive – a ritual for forgiveness might include writing down all the specific feelings you want to release from your heart and burning the piece of paper. This simple act can free up lot more energy.

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