Has the heat snatched all your motivation? There’s a better way to do summer self-care when you can barely peel your sweaty self off the couch. These wellness experts know what’s up.

Between the heat, the longer nights and all the excuses to linger on a patio until last call, summer can make it easy to put wellness on the back burner entirely. The solution? Don’t force it. (Who wants to go to the gym when you get sweaty walking to the store?) Choose self-care rituals that actually feel good to do around this time of year and it’ll be so much easier to stay on track. These simple, energizing, no-stress rituals from the pros will give you permission.

Tasha Jade, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Sound Healer, Integrative Nutrition at DailyMagic.ca

It’s no surprise that the boss at Daily Magic makes self-care a highly intentional practice fueled by simple actions, strong intentions – and cannabis.

“One of my favourite summertime rituals is smoking one of my top CBD / THC strains, then meditating outdoors. It’s the simplicity of the action that helps me slow down and have a really peaceful moment in nature, away from the day’s to-do list and mental chatter. As an Energy worker, I’m a huge fan of cannabis strains containing CBD as it helps me stay grounded and focused while doing rituals. 

I usually follow-up my smoke and meditation session with stream of consciousness journaling; writing all of my reflections down in an open and non-judgmental way. For me, my favourite rituals are messy, raw, and meet you where you are. They don’t have to be expensive or complicated in order to be seen as effective. The awareness and the healing that you seek can come from simple actions, fuelled by strong intentions. That’s why a ritual as simple as this can continue to bring joy and inspiration in my life, regardless of where I am and what energy I’m working with.”

Margherita Di Bari, Transformation Coach, findyourfire.ca

Gratitude is what keeps Margherita feeling grounded and connected. With mindfulness, a simple walk outside can feel totally immersive, and re-orienting.

“My favourite self-care ritual in the summer is definitely disconnecting from the digital world and going for a nature walk in the evening to wind down. No work, no phone, no social media, just deep breaths and the appreciation of nature and its silence. I do live in the city, but as I walk I make it a point to set my gaze on the beautiful greenery all around me. When I bring my focus to nature, I feel grounded and begin cleansing with every deep breath. I remind and allow myself to feel gratitude, just to be alive.”

… as I walk, I let my heart guide me to a space where I can meditate; here I really focus on letting go of all my ‘earthly’ worries and focus on 4 important reminders: We are souls having a human experience; nothing is permanent, even when the ego tries to convince us otherwise. This is only my temporary body, and so I send it all my love. My soul is on a mission to love; deep connection is the foundation of what we crave. The pain associated with fear is transitory, and in fact, every seed of fear has an equal part of love and light – it is our job to find it.”

Talib Hussain, Energetic Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, everevolving.ca 

If you’re a cyclist, you know how truly liberating it can feel to glide down the city streets. Sun, movement and mindfulness is a key combo for Talib.

“This summer I have taken out the bicycle after two years. There is so much joy and freedom I feel from riding my bike and even walking and taking the TTC. My ritual is to drive as little as possible. I also spend a lot of time going for long walks, spending time in the amazing parks of Toronto with some friends and meditating on benches. We spend so much time inside throughout the year that I make a conscious effort to feel the touch of warmth on my skin. To be out in shorts and a t-shirt fills up the joy tank within.”

Clare Kenty, Reiki Master & Holistic Coach, clarekenty.ca

Image by Angela Lewis

If you’re sensitive to the energy of the city in the summer, Clare’s go-to summer ritual will vibe with you. It’s all about simple, sacred slowness.

“Of all the things we typically do in the summer, my favourite summer wellness ritual is slowing down and resting. As elementary as it sounds, energy really ramps up during the summer in Toronto and I’ve noticed over the years that we (generally speaking) feel the need to do all the things and push through any messages or signs our bodies are giving us to slow down. 

For me, over the past few years, I’ve made it a point to slow down over the summer months and get as much rest as I can. Slowing down makes room for balance and offers the energy to be outside and do the things I love to do. I also really enjoy sacred ceremony in nature. Sacred ceremony for me is communing with energy, elements and the realm of our unseen guides and supporters and in the summer it feels amplified being surrounded by nature.”

Sirena Abalian, Sustainability Activist, Host of Consciously Sassy podcast

For Sirena, self-care is about being connected to a sense of joy. Sometimes that means hanging out on a patio, other times, it means hitting pause on everything for a mindful moment.

“In the summer, I often find myself flying from one patio to the next, one park to another. Toronto’s humid smiley weather has me reapplying mascara between each aperol spritz and although my SAD is no longer in the way I do find myself very ungrounded.

Now that the soil isn’t covered in mucky snow, I take any opportunity to throw off my sandals and ground myself. Quieting the mind for just a moment to feel the humming of the earth alive beneath me allows me to waltz to each date unfrazzled. We always seem to find ourselves saying “the summer just flew by and I wish I did xyz”, but to find a second of grounding allows me to relish each drop of sunshine while we still can.”

Catherine Sugrue, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, CatherinesCabinet.com

Not a summer person? Catherine sees you. She believes saying no to the pressure of doing all the things we’re ‘supposed to do’ in the summer is the most valuable self-care.

“Give yourself a freakin’ break. It’s important to remember that, even though summer is a time where we’re all of a sudden expected to be outside all of the time, soaking up the amazing weather, exploring all of the naturey-type things, be in a teeny tiny bathing suit on the beach, or out on patios with friends – you don’t actually have to do it all. Or any of it, for that matter, if you don’t want to.

Drop the guilt or FOMO (fear of missing out) and start gravitating towards JOMO (the joy of missing out). Because when you make time to actually be present, rejuvenated and reset, ultimately you’re creating much more room for yourself. There is always more value in investing in yourself first – no matter what it is that you choose to do with this amazing gift called life.”

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