From the library to your weekend energy recoup, these strains can help you stay on your game this September.

Wondering how you’re going to manage school (and work, and life) this month? Call on some herbal support to help you meet your goals. Certain strains can provide a big boost of energy, focus, and motivation and make a fantastic ally during stressful times. September can be a busy month for many – students especially. So get equipped to keep overwhelm at bay before things ramp up. Put these 9 strains to your list of school supplies.

Get up and moving in the A.M. with Green Crack

Wake and bake fans: Green Crack is one super stimulating way to get your day started. Paired with your favourite playlist, this invigorating sativa will get you in the mood to show up and be present no matter what’s on your mind. Expect a mood boost with some potent cerebral invigoration.

Stay calm and clear under stress with Cannatonic 

Integrate this high-CBD strain into your daily routine when stress, anxiety or depression threatens to creep in. With a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio, it’s ideal for keeping your mood stable without the psychoactive effects. There’s no risk of paranoia here – only a smoother experience of your emotions.

Break the pattern of insomnia with Lavender

woman sleeping on bed under blankets

Midnight oil burners, you can rely on this hefty indica to help you ease into a deep sleep. Save it for those evenings when you just can’t with another sleepless night – it’ll take fast action on your body and your mind, moving you into a state of ultimate relaxation.

Get out of your head with Cinex

For those days you’ve had your eyes glued on your laptop for hours, Cinex can help you switch gears. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that makes a great socializing / networking ally for its creative, cerebral high. Start feeling a little more connected to the world around you and in the mood to banter.

Turn a bad day around with Super Silver Haze 

When stress or frustration threatens to destroy your outlook, avoid a meltdown with Super Silver Haze. This sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze will help take that negative mental chatter down a notch and impart a fairly intense body buzz.

Do away with pain with Jack Herer

This is a well-balanced ‘all-purpose’ sativa that’s known for its happiness-inducing qualities. Use it to make studying or running errands that much more enjoyable. It’s also great for pain relief – so use it when you want to make short work of a headaches or upper back / shoulder pain from sitting in hard lecture room chairs.

Break through brain-fog with Harlequin

If you need to be on your game after a late night, or you smoked a little too much THC, this strain can help snap you back to reality. With a ratio of 5:2 parts CBD to THC, it’ll stimulate focus and mental energy without any added intoxication.

Call it a night with Fire OG

For when you really want to unwind, this high-THC indica will provide that deeply soothing body melt you crave when you just want sleep. Smoke it when ready to become one with your couch and tune out the world.

Melt the week away with Northern Lights

This is one to save for the end of a long week. It’s best enjoyed pre-bed, post to-do-list completion – as in, prepare to zone out in front of your laptop while any lingering stress melts away. Word to the wise: Northern Lights is known to be a ‘two hit and quit strain’ so you may find a little goes a long way. Get your munchies in before you smoke.

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