New year, new you. Or same you, just more powerful.

A word of the year is like a mantra you can return to to stay mindful of an overall intention (because, intentions > resolutions). Words are powerful. They can make you feel heavy, or light, strong, or weak. They make you feel things. Use them wisely – use them to stay grounded in a feeling that serves you.  Here’s an idea for a word of the year based on your sign:

Aries: Knowing

Aries is a cardinal fire sign, the first sign of the zodiac. We count on Aries energy to initiate what needs to be started. Your sense of knowing and trusting your gut is what helps you be you the trailblazer you are, Aries. 

Taurus: Steadfast

You’re a talented manifester who’s comfortable here on earth, but your inspiration comes from other realms, Taurus – beauty, art, sensuality. Stay the course. The world around you needs your magic. 

Gemini: Connected

You’re a skilled communicator, ruled by Mercury, and you thrive when you feel connected to your community. Practice your skill for influence by honing in on what you can create when you feel truly connected. 

Cancer: Instinct

You stay connected to your highest self via your strong instinct, Cancer. On New Year’s day this year, your ruling planet, the moon, enters  your sign, inviting you to step into your power. Let your instinct be your compass today and all year.

Leo: Shine

Ruled by the sun, Leo carries a bright, firey energy. You know what it feels like when the people around you feel your inner light, Leo. More of that. Go toward what stokes your sense of personal power.

Virgo: Skillful

With Saturn in Capricorn, the less organized signs may feel rattled at the reality check, but not you. This is your time to tighten up your systems and go all in on your attention to detail. Your natural propensity to be intentional will serve you this year, Virgo.

Libra: Expansive

You’re a naturally social creature with an eye for beauty – not just superficial beauty – you know what situations need to heal. Trust your feeling of expansiveness, as opposed to tightness, and let it be your guide this year. 

Scorpio: Depth

You might seem reserved to people who don’t know you well, but your emotions and intuitive hunches run deep and you feel things intensely. With Jupiter in your sign this year, you’ll feel compelled to explore your depth. Push deeper and always deeper, Scorpio – that’s where your power is. Stay there. 

Sagittarius: Engaged

You’re one of the most adventurous of the signs, and you serve your community when you bring your generous energy to the table. Live like everyone around you benefits from your undivided attention. (They do, Sag). 

Capricorn: Effective

With Saturn at home in your sign this year, Capricorn, your natural skillset for being focused on accomplishing goals is supported this year. Remember that your focus is a superpower. Be effective in all you do, whether it’s work, self-care or tending your relationships.

Aquarius: Yes

You can see the world as full of possibility (the good, the bad, the inbetween), and this is a source of power, Aquarius. Practice saying ‘yes’ to whatever situation you find yourself in this year, Aquarius, and then feel the huge sense of possibility that arises out of that acceptance. Therein lies your power to really create change.

Pisces: Truth

The last sign in the zodiac, we rely on Pisces energy for it’s emotional wisdom. Your bullshit detector never sleeps. Challenge yourself to know the truth, and act on it, in every situation, even the challenging ones. The truth is your portal to a better way.

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