420-friendly resorts, retreats, even golf carts are cropping up all over Canada – but are they actually realistic at this stage in legalization?

Since legalization took place last year, many conferences have touted that canna-tourism would be another massive revenue generator. But nearly one year into legalization, still the chokehold on the industry seems fairly apparent.

To date, nearly every province in Canada has banned smoking both cigarette and cannabis in both indoor public spaces, public transit facilities and at workplaces where smoking could take place. Which means, it makes it damn near impossible to smoke up in outdoors, but not impossible. Google and you will find weed-oriented hikes, cooking classes, and even yoga retreats. Heck, the first cannabis-friendly golf course opened in Smith Falls, home to Tweed.

But if you’re a traveling tourist and visiting from out of town, the first obstacle to overcome is accommodations. Although Airbnb has been noticeably silent on what exactly their policy is (with no official policy listed on their website), you can find canna-friendly hosts with a quick search using the key terms “420” or “green-friendly.”

If that doesn’t make you feel the most comfortable, Bud and Breakfast, an Airbnb-style site dedicated to providing folks with cannabis-friendly places to stay has popped up adding places to stay in Ontario and Montreal. For those aiming for a more lux experience, a new cannabis resort has just opened in Muskoka. When we reached out to them for comment, they did mention they were not labeling themselves as a cannabis-only resort but an adult property. Also in the works is a cannabis-friendly hotel in the Niagara region.

The Alberta government has raked in $30 million from cannabis tax in the first six months of legalization. But also, it has been reported to be doing some of the best work in the cannabis space. For example, Mac’s Convenience Stores is teaming up with and making strategic cannabis moves with Fire & Flower. That’s worth checking out, no? Once you’ve gone in, head to Johnston Canyon in the Banff National Park, Alberta for a day hike. You can check ou the waterfall and get in an awesome insta-opp.

Image via @butiqescapes

If you’re headed to Vancouver Island, you’ll want to look into Butiq Escapes “Highest of Highs” day trip. A truly bougie experience, you will be picked up in Victoria by helicopter and transported to a mountaintop where you and your group can indulge in the best strains BC has to offer. Excited? We are too! The company has plans to roll out more high-end weed escapes, but this is one of their most popular.

Now, here is something else to consider: can you bring weed on a plane with you? If you’re going from one province to another, The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) has confirmed that 30 grams (aka the legal amounts of recreational cannabis) will be allowed on checked or carry-on baggage on domestic flights. But do not even think about taking that to the USA. You will 100% be banned.

One of our biggest recommendations when you are planning your cannabis getaway: do your research before traveling, and be mindful of the customs and laws of your destination. Each province and each activity or resort is different. At the end of the day, have fun!