Reconnecting with our sense of purpose after the summer feels so right. And, cannabis can help it feel even better. Here’s the back-to-school guide for pot lovers.

Something about September just screams back-to-school. No matter how old you are, or whether you’re going to a learning institution or not. Maybe it’s the drop in temperatures or the shorter days, but  something about the end of August just nudges us to get organized, and get focused on our goals again. Reconnecting with our sense of purpose after the summer feels so right. And, cannabis can help it feel even better. Here’s the back-to-school guide for pot lovers.

Acesco Wellness Beverage Powder ($50.00 / 30-pack)

If you want to stay sharp for those extra-long lectures, supplement wisely. The Aceso Wellness drink mix combines naturally occurring cannabinoids with a group of terpenes and vitamins that work together to promote energy, mood stability and immune resilience. One 7.5 g drink mix packet contains 7.5 mg of CBD. Drink daily for (a buzz-free) mental boost.

P.F. Candle Co. Cannabis room spray ($10.00)

If your roommates are 4:20-resistant but you can’t help yourself,  this room spray will keep your space smelling fresh. It’s got notes of uplifting lemon, clove, cannabis flower, patchouli and rhubarb. Spritz it on your linens, furniture, clothes, carpet for an instant fresh start.

Fleurs CBD Stress Roll-On ($28.00)

Protect yourself against panic no matter how hectic your schedule gets this fall. This CBD-infused roll-on is a quick and easy way to soothe your nerves and your senses with essential oils of lavendar, marjoram and vetiver.

Leather Dugout ($89.00)

Keep all your paraphernalia together and take it with you easily, wherever your travels move you this fall. This leather dugout holds your lighter, pipe, stash, poker, and filters in a compact, palm-sized pocket. It’s discrete and looks just like a wallet. Because organization is key.

Sage & Wildflower Smudge Wands ($12.00)

When a new chapter starts, make sure you can really start fresh – like, energetically. Light up this organic sage and wildflower bundle, with calendula and bachelors button herbs, and smoke out that stagnant energy from the summer months (don’t forget to leave your windows open for a few hours afterward!) Read up on some other herbs to cleanse your space if you need a deep-clearing.

Fuck Off I’m Coloring Book ($9.10)

Adult colouring is popular for a reason: It’s relaxing af. This is the activity to turn to when your eyes are turning square from reading or you’ve been in a lecture so long you forget who you are. Shut your door, roll a joint, and colour up these pages to make your own lewd masterpieces.

Inda Pipe Necklace ($79.00)

For those times you need your pipe truly accessible, this hand-assembled necklace / smoking pipe on a vintage brass snake chain offers a way to keep it close to your heart. Eliminate the backpack / purse rummage (not a good look) once and for all.

Flower Power Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee ($19.20)

This is the original CBD-infused coffee that took New York by storm earlier this year. With 5 mg of CBD per 6 oz cup, Flower Power coffee is the focus-enhancer you need to start a day of classes off strong. You won’t get the jitters, or a 3PM energy slump, but you will get an additional cognitive boost. It may be the coffee of your dreams.

The Chill Box subscription (3 months / $185)

We all need a treat every once in a while. Keep yourself motivated for the first semester by getting a present delivered to your doorstep every month. The Chill Box is a curated offering of lifestyle essentials for cannabis users – rolling papers, glassware, ceramics, ashtrays and more. It’s literally your next chill session in a box.