Your personal year number is like, the theme to your year. It can give you an idea of what kind of energy you’re going to be up against, or supported by. Here’s a formula for finding yours and what it could mean.

Numerology is a tool for divination, like tarot or tea leaf reading, but using numbers as an indicator of our relationship to certain events and outcomes. In numerology, each number holds a unique cosmic vibration, and values like – the sum of the numbers in your birth date, or letters in your name, can lend deeper insight into your personal path. There are a bunch of different systems that use different associations across cultures, when it comes to numerology (for example in Traditional Chinese Medicine, numbers are associated with parts of the body, or acupuncture points… ) but their use can basically be thought to serve the same function: to send your mind on the hunt for synchronicities around you!

Your personal year number is like, the theme to your year. It can give you an idea of what kind of energy you’re going to be up against, or supported by. Here’s a formula for finding yours, according to The Practical Numerologist:

  1. Take your birth date (for example): 3/2/1988
  2. Now replace the year you were born with the current year: 3/2/2018
  3. Add all those numbers together, long addition style: 3 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 16
  4. Keep adding the numbers until you get down to a single-digit number: 1 + 6= 7
  5. In this example, you’re experiencing an “7” Personal Year in 2018.

The personal year is a 9-year cycle. Once you get to 9, you go back to 1 again.

So, we’re about a quarter of the way into 2018 now. With spring equinox on the close horizon, we might feel a desire to check in, regroup and renew. Check your personal year number and see what guidance you can glean. 

Personal year 1: Key themes: Self-awareness, independence.

Time to step into the role of leader. This is a year of doors closing, and windows opening – so, receiving creative solutions that support your independence and personal strength. Feeling a little lonely? Year 1 is about learning what you need –  and there can be some letting go associated with that. Know that guilt is a wasted emotion, and trust what your heart knows to be true. 

Personal year 2: Key themes: Love and genuine connection.

Cultivating harmony in your relationships and allowing your authentic self to shine is the key lesson this year. If you don’t take a step back from major sources of stress or anxiety, year 2 will peel it away for you. It’s about flow. So, not forcing, just going toward the peaceful solution. Be patient, and know that when it comes to community, you get what you give. 

Personal year 3: Key themes: Possibility and creativity. 

How do you feel best expressing yourself? Lean into the question this year. It’s a time to be bold and support your truest expression. If you want to hone your art, your passion, now is the time to find the teacher or source of learning that resonates. Say yes to the exciting challenge, and give yourself to it joyfully and authentically. Discover your art.

Personal year 4: Key themes: Organization and forward-looking. 

This year is all about setting your sights on a goal and working toward it systematically. You’ll learn to rely on yourself and understand what you need to support your own best work. Does that seem mundane? 4 is the number of the builder, so this is the year you can take those joyful visions and actually bring them into reality. Visualize what you want and be detailed. Know that the process is what it’s really all about, and the building should feel just as good as how we think we will feel when we reach the end goal. 

Personal year 5: Key themes: Travel and new experiences.

Year 5 opens a door to big adventure. Whether that’s an actual trip abroad, or a deep dive into a new romantic relationship, you’ll be called to explore parts of yourself more deeply than you ever thought you would. The systems and routines you set in year 4 are about to be fall away, and you’re invited to say to a new direction. If there was ever an ideal ‘year of yes’ to plan for, personal year 5 is that. 

Personal year 6: Key themes: Learning the value or family.

It is a year to understand how you nurture and how you want to be nurtured. You have the opportunity to evaluate the relationships in your life, starting with your own personal one, with yourself. It’s a decision-making year – will you go with your heart, or your mind? What was it that you thought you wanted, and what is it you truly want? It’ll become clear this year. Feel into, and trust, your personal values system above all else. 

Personal year 7: Key themes: Internal work and spirituality.

How do you define your spirituality? What does it feel like, to you, now? This is your quest this year. There may be changes happening around you, but you’re less interested in them then in the growth that’s happening within. In personal year 7, some deep part of you is in a year-long retreat mode. The lessons you learn will be some of the most important of your life. Get a new journal. Consider a meditation class or app. Hit the library. Shit’s about to get magical. 

Personal year 8: Key themes: Strength and willpower.

Year 8 is your power year. It’s time to be confident in yourself and know that all the lessons you’ve learned are ready to be put to use, and all the seeds you’ve planted up to now are ready to be sown. You’ll be tested, and you’ll need to rise to the occasion of standing up for yourself. Stay honest, and stay authentic. Keep your energy up, this year – you’ll need it.

Personal year 9: Key themes: Completion and release.

Out with the old, in with the new, is the theme this year. It’s time to take stock of where you are, what you’re working toward, and what supports you and what doesn’t. If you come up against a ‘everything is falling apart’ meltdown, know that it’s all happening for you – not to you, and that if you’re ready to truly let go of what doesn’t serve you in year 9, your goals can be achieved quick.

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