“taking up space for remembering pins and to take out the bins and that one particular film that that actor was in”

The Beths are a New Zealand pop-punk outfit who are set to release their debut record, titled Future Me Hates Me, later this summer. Fronted & lead by Elizabeth Stokes, The Beths recently released the upcoming album’s second single “Happy Unhappy,” a guitar driven upbeat earworm full of lyrical gems about having a crush and it taking up too much space in that ol’noggin.

This video (directed by Callum Devlin) is technically a lyric video but whatever. We dig this track & the lyrics so much + the lyric video is very rad so it still counts. There’s like, a pineapple person? Just trying to deal? We really relate. Just listen & watch it already.

Future Me Hates Me comes out August 10th on Carpark Records, pre-order it now.