“I’m sick of talking, just get in my radius”

Watch out Carly Rae Jepsen, Canada has a new pop princess and this time she’s from Toronto. Ralph has been making sweet pop tunes for a minute now and lucky for us, she final released her debut full length album about a week ago. Titled A Good Girl, the jam packed album is now available on 604 Records. As Ralph explains…

“I wrote A Good Girl over the course of a year, maybe a little more… and a lot happened in that year… Because I use songwriting as a type of therapy and a way to explore my feelings, the songs naturally began to reflect everything that was happening in my life. Sometimes I was hurting, other times I was the one hurting someone else, and then to make it more complicated, sometimes I’d be both.”

One of the tracks on A Good Girl is “Long Distance Lover,” an upbeat song on the pitfalls of having a crush who lives too far away. Directed by Ally Pankiw, the matching music video features a vast cast of characters in some bingo style speed dating with a side of line-dancing.

Watch Ralph’s video for “Long Distance Lover” below + Stream A Good Girl here.