“A stoner witch slut knows that there’s nothing wrong with pleasure, and actively embraces and conjures more of it into their lives, through cannabis and sex.”

It’s officially the witching month, and as some of us plan costumes and parties, others plan rituals and spells. To explore the ways weed finds its way into the lives and work of today’s magical practitioners, we’re chatting with a few of them this October. Prepare to see the power of this plant in a whole new way.

Weebox: Your book, Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis for Self-Care, is all about using cannabis to elevate your well-being. Has cannabis always been about self-care for you, or how did you discover it could enhance certain self-care rituals? Was there a first experience that turned you onto using pot for self-care?  

Sophie Saint Thomas: While I casually smoked pot when I was younger, it wasn’t until I was about 26 when I got really into cannabis. I was dealing with PTSD symptoms stemming from a sexual assault and struggling to find the right pharmaceutical. A friend suggested cannabis, and even to my surprise, it helped me stay in my body and kept flashbacks at bay. I obtained a medical card although I also use it recreationally. Now, at 31, I don’t experience PTSD symptoms like I used to, but cannabis is still an integral part of my self-care routine. For me, that means both calming anxiety and enhancing sex or having a fun stoned night out dancing with friends. With Finding Your Higher Self I wanted to merge the medicinal properties of cannabis into self-care activities that everyone can do to add joy, tranquility, and pleasure to their lives.

Weedbox: Where did you grow up, and what was your experience with pot when you were a kid / teen?

I grew up in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It was an extremely laid back place to grow up, except for the hurricanes. Ganja culture was prevalent thanks to the Rastafarian community and cannabis just goes great with living on a sunny island. Smoking pot was normal to me, and as a result, I never had any judgement about the plant.

Feature image via Ebru Yıldız, above image via Chad Johnson

Weedbox: Your podcast, Sex Weed Magick, is all about celebrating stoner witch sluts. What does it mean to you to be a stoner witch slut?

A stoner witch slut knows that there’s nothing wrong with pleasure, and actively embraces and conjures more of it into their lives, through cannabis and sex.

Weedbox: You explore different aspects of stoned sex on Merry Jane. Do you have a current favourite sex magic practice or just a favourite ritual to get in the mood that involves pot?

I usually take 10mg of THC in capsule form in the evening, I know the right edible dosage for me, and I love the body high that accompanies that. Every sensation in my body is heightened. Lately, I’ve been practicing orgasm denial, so when I do come, it’s insanely intense. A powerful part of ritual is visualization, so I like to visualize pervy things about my partner when I’m home alone and high. Once I even came without even touching myself, just thinking about him while lying on my couch. I love weed and he loves red wine, and even simply hanging out and enjoying our individual vices, I mean virtues, is really beautiful for me.

Weedbox: Does cannabis make its way into any other sacred rituals in your life?

Absolutely! I work hard and take good care of my body, and use a CBD topical on any aches or pains. I have tendonitis, an inflamed tendon, in my wrist from writing. I like to take a bath with a CBD bath bomb or bath oil as it’s a wonderful way to get a topical all over your body. Then, I get out of the bath, and do a mental body scan. I apply CBD cream to any sore areas. It’s a very powerful anti-inflammatory.

Weedbox: What excites you most about cannabis legalization?

The de-stigmatization of people who use cannabis. It’s astounding to me that stoner stereotypes still exist as more and more information comes in on the safety and benefits of the plant. I want cannabis legalization to lead to prison reform, de-stigmatization, and easy access to safe products.

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