Hot or cold, this cannabis tea recipe makes for a soothing ritual and simple way to consume cannabis.

Many of us look to marijuana as a vehicle to help us escape from our stresses. What if I told you there’s a way to take that relaxation to the next level? If you’ve never tried cannabis tea, get ready, because your highs are about to get even better. Tea is loved globally for its calming properties, and the act of making it offers a soothing ritual in itself. When paired with cannabis, you can expect a wonderful new elevation. Making this drink takes a bit of patience and preparation, but we promise it’s all worth it. Rolling joints may take about 5 minutes and in comparison, making cannabis tea can take up to an hour. However, one batch can make enough tea for many, many uses over your week.

You’ll need: 

  • Marijuanna (dry flower)
  • Water
  • Butter (or any other fat, e.g. coconut oil)
  • Reusable tea bag or tea ball 
  • A large pot (for boiling)
  • A large bowl

Step One:

Grab your pot and add as much water as you want prepared. It’s ideal to make a large batch. You’ll be boiling your water for a fair amount of time and you don’t want everything to evaporate. While the water boils you can move onto the next step.

Step Two: 

Grind your cannabis. Make sure you grind your weed very finely because this will help with steeping and getting a potent tea. We recommend starting with 1 gram to 1.5 grams per batch to test your tolerance. After making tea for the first time you can gauge the strength and decide if you want to increase how much cannabis you use. 

Step Three: 

Add your freshly ground weed and butter (or any other fat alternative, like coconut oil), to a large bowl and mix. This step is crucial because it helps bind the THC with the fat and creates a reaction that makes it perfect for steeping. If you’re starting with 1 gram we recommend using about a teaspoon of melted butter (1:1 ratio). The goal is not to douse your cannabis with fat but to evenly coat it.

Step Four:

Prepare your tea bags. Take your freshly coated weed and start packing it into a tea bag or tea ball. From there, head back to your pot of boiling water and place a tea bag in. The recommended time to leave your tea bag steeping is about 30 minutes to get maximum potency. You may have had a lot of water evaporate while taking care of steps 2-3, so don’t be afraid to add more. Make sure you have enough water for a cup today and also a batch for next time!

Step Five:

After about 30 minutes your cannabis tea is ready. At this point your tea will have a very potent natural flavour and you may want to mix it up with added ingredients, like another type of tea, herbs, or sweeteners. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your new high! Save your leftover water for the next few days in any airtight container and refrigerate. Use your batch within a week to get the best results.

You can mix it up and create iced cannabis tea or reboil your water for a hot drink. Don’t forget, ingesting THC this way requires patience. You won’t feel your high for at least an hour, much like edibles, so don’t get carried away with trying to ingest more. Always be responsible by starting low and going slow.

Was this your first time trying cannabis tea? Let us know in the comments how you enjoyed this new elevated experience.