Women are showing up for each other – taking a page from the cannabis community, to reduce the stigma around how they deal with their own unique biological discomforts.

Finally, in 2018, the menstrual revolution is upon us. Communities and companies dedicated to providing menstruating folks with products and support systems have shown up in waves this past year, and all of them are allowing people to be more empowered, and even enjoy that time of the month. Cannabis is a big part of this cutting-edge progress.

According to Jessica Assaf, founder of Cannabis Feminist: “some of the most innovative and revolutionary products for women’s health are coming out of the cannabis industry.” Her curated selection of CBD-based suppositories, bath salts, tinctures, and teas are the foundation of a community that well exceeds just one-time-a-month engagement. PMS might not last forever, but the women who are join these tribes know that period pains extend far beyond just personal, physical symptoms.

Women are showing up for each other – taking a page from the cannabis community, to reduce the stigma around how they deal with their own unique biological discomforts. Cannabis Feminist is only one example of a company aiming to ‘transform cannabis into a universal medicine and empower women to lead the industry.’ It’s in the same camp as Whoopi and Maya (out of California), Foria Relief  (out of Colorado and California) and Magnolia Wellness (out of Oakland) who are all putting the healing powers of CBD to use for women’s health. With legalization on the horizon and Shopify backing online sales of pot, we can look forward to this niche getting even more innovative and powerful.

Cannabis as a healing aid for women is far from new, though. The earliest references of use for female reproductive concerns date back to Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, where it was ‘administered orally, rectally, vaginally, on the skin, in the eyes, and by fumigation.’ It was also incorporated the world over in Ayurvedic traditions, and European and Western medicine.

Current research as proven cannabis to be a helpful treatment for pain sufferers all the way from migraneurs to cancer patients. THC is also a muscle relaxant – the herb can be applied topically via an infused cream or as a transdermal patch to help soothe breast and low back pain. Finally, there’s it’s mood-enhancing qualities. PMS-induced mood swings can be evened out by CBD, which has proven to offer fast antidepressant-like effects by enhancing serotonin levels in the brain.

Try these 3 products if you want to ease your period pains with pot:

Foria Relief Suppositories : This vaginal suppository works to ease pain and reduce inflammation within 15 to 30 minutes after insertion. It has just three ingredients: organic cocoa butter, CBD isolate (so, the psychoactive  properties have been taken out), and CO2-extracted cannabis oil.

Humboldt Apothecary’s Cramp Ease Tincture : With soothing herbs (black haw, cramp bark, cinnamon) and organic honey, and a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, this tincture remedies occasional cramps in a natural way. 

Dr.  Kerklaan Cannabis Extract Cream : This, from a Canadian chiropractor who turned to cannabis topicals after over 20 years of experience of working to manage clients pain. It contains 13.2 mg of THC and 6.7 mg of CBD per dose. Apply to lower back and lower stomach for quick relief. 

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