Ready to pick up the pace? The sun moves into Gemini on May 21st, bringing us the energy we need to put our vibrant selves out there. Here’s how to make the most of the season.

The sun moves into Gemini on May 21, bringing a quicker pace than Taurus season. Where earthy, consistent Taurus had us focused on laying the foundations on which to build upward and outward, Gemini brings the energy to share news and ideas, make connections and be creative.

Gemini is a mutable air sign, which means it is highly flexible and expressive. Air signs (also Libra and Aquarius) tend to be skilled communicators, fast movers, and influential innovators. Gemini is the very first air sign of the zodiac, so it can be thought of as the first gust of wind that sweeps information across regions – Gemini is a connector, above all else. This sign can help give us the momentum to ‘put ourselves out there’ before Cancer takes over on June 21, and reminds us to check in with our innermost feelings.

So, when we say ‘it’s Gemini season,’ or, ‘it’s Cancer season,’ we are referring to the position of the sun, which spends a month in each sign. Everyone who is a Gemini sun will have the solar spotlight on their natural strengths throughout the month, but all of us feel the energy of the sign the sun is in. The sun, in astrology, rules our focus, so when we focus on the themes of the season with a little more intention, we can be more aligned with the cosmic weather.

Here are 6 ways to make the most of Gemini energy from May 21 – June 21.

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Break routine and try new things. If there was ever a season to shake up your routine, this is it. Gemini loves variety and thrives on newness. Try a group class at the gym rather than hitting the track, or bike over bus and try some new routes around your city. Gemini also rules short trips. Any day trips you can plan to take to get out of your daily bubble (is it time for a beach brunch yet?) can help fuel your inspiration. If you can’t hop a train just yet, use the energy of the season to plan your summer bucket list

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Fall in love with networking. If the idea of canapes and small talk makes you queasy, Gemini season can help you discover how you do it. Gemini is an individual, above all else – this sign loves to socialize and communicate with others (it knows that other people are the most fascinating thing about being here on earth), but it wants to share its story, too. Insert yourself into the conversation and discover how much better that launch event / work dinner / press junket can feel.

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Tell it like it is. Ruled by the messenger planet, Mercury, Gemini is moved to share and seek the truth. This is also the sign of the twins – so, Gemini is moved to seek that intimate-partner dynamic. While Gemini isn’t necessarily known for forming fixed, undying bonds, it is committed to keeping multiple social circles and many connections alive. Are you living and communicating authentically, in all your circle? Commit to speaking your truth.

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Explore – and create – culture. Both Gemini and Cancer love exploring documentaries, movies, theatre, and new restaurants and galleries, so the next couple months will have us hungry to explore ideas that shape our world. Be a tourist in your own city and go check out that monument everyone is shocked you’ve never actually seen IRL. Blog or post about it from your perspective. With the sun shining down on our communication skills, it’s a time for writers and speakers and sharers to show off their influence. Who knows – this season might bring your big break.

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Try moving meditation. Gemini energy can be so fast-paced and cerebral that, on a bad day, it can lead us to think and move too fast. Give your mind a rest from any social drama and try some moving meditation to get grounded. Put on your runners and walk around the park for a few mindful minutes. Bring your favourite indica strain. Or, try a group meditation class – during this season, you might actually find being in the presence of others grounding.

Get outside. Gemini season represents peak spring, with the first day of summer happening on June 21, the day the sun shifts into Cancer. Right now, flowers are in full bloom, the trees are lush and there’s an energy of pure potential in the air. Enjoy this transient season while it lasts.

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