Want to uncover your most magnetic self and manifest the life you really want? Look no further than your sun sign for the guidance you need.

On a mission to create your best life? Here’s a tip: Focus on the authentic strengths that make you naturally magnetic, and bring toward you the most aligned people, opportunities and invitations. You can look to your sun sign to find it.

According to astrology, our sun sign is the way that we share our light with the world – or, our basic personality. How leaning into it can help us manifest is ultimately, this: when we don’t resist who we are, but embrace it, we’re able to show up in our power. Then, others, and the universe, responds in kind. We flow, not force, and we get what we’re meant to receive. Know your sun sign, find out how to wield your own unique power.

Aries Manifesting Super Power: Your Competitive Nature

You’re the first sign in the zodiac, Aries, which gifts you with a natural fearlessness and forward-thinking ability. You don’t even need a specific destination to blaze your own trail forward, all you need is an impulse. Add fuel to your fire and sustain it by putting your eye on a prize and getting an accountability buddy who makes you want to be better – or, better yet, sparks your competitive side. When you’re driven to be #1, you crush any obstacle in your path.

Taurus Manifesting Super Power: Your Sensuality

Persistent Taurus can build whatever they want with the right plan in place, but it can feel like all work no play without rewards. Map out milestones on the way toward a big stretch goal where you can stop and reward yourself, Taurus. Your sensual sign needs stimulation to feel invigorated, alive, and connected to your desires. Earthly pleasures keep the dream alive and fizzy, and will make the journey shorter and sweeter.

Gemini Manifesting Super Power: Your Talent for Finding Inspiration

When you are surrounded by inspiring role models who lift you up and expand your idea of what’s possible, you shine. Gemini, you are a highly social creature as well as a born communicator – you live to be inspired and inspire in return. Being in a constant give and take feedback loop from those key people will help you generate the momentum you need to make any idea a reality.

Cancer Manifesting Super Power: Your Intuition

As a cardinal sign with a lot of persistence, you’re a natural at starting things and you leave nothing half-finished. You’re one of the most intuitive signs, so you always know exactly when to come out of your shell and get to work, and when to retreat. Cancer rules the fourth house of home and memories, so you thrive on good memories and comforting thoughts. Support yourself with positive self-talk and remind yourself of all your incredible past achievements.

Leo Manifesting Super Power: Your Generosity

Leo’s vibrant energy needs to be shared with others to keep it burning bright – and also, keep it relatively contained. Like a bonfire, without people gathered around, your energy either fizzles out, or explodes into wildfire. Share and express yourself from the heart (even if it makes you feel vulnerable) and you’ll make a lasting impression with everyone you meet. You really do get what you give, Leo. Keep giving of yourself.

Virgo Manifesting Super Power: Organization

You’re perhaps more on top / and in control of your output than any other sign, Virgo. Plan your week out by setting weekly and daily intentions, and monitor your progress to stay motivated. You might even benefit from tacking your manifesting mission onto a pre-existing health goal, like your dedicated gym practice or a new diet that works for you. Virgo rules the 6th house of health, so, when you’re feeling healthy, you’re feeling especially magnetic.

Libra Manifesting Super Power: Your People Skills

Libra, you’re always devising the next move, and observing all the implications of everyone else’s. Your ability to truly connect with people lets you create all these perfect situations and set things up just so. You’re not manipulative, Libra (always), you’re highly perceptive and tend to know what people want, and what they’ll do next. Use it to your advantage. Craft win-win scenarios, and let the sign of the scales express through you in its best form.

Scorpio Manifesting Super Power: Your Focus

The thing is, Scorpio: with the right desire occupying your mind, there is really no lengths you won’t go to to achieve what you want. You are the most focused and intense of the signs. Choose a healthy obsession to commit to (or consider how you can turn an obsession into something good), and let it move you. Robin Sharma said, ‘until your mission is an obsession, nothing will change.’ Let your obsession be your mission, and your mission be your obsession. Just choose it wisely.

Sagittarius Manifesting Super Power: Optimism

Your positive outlook is unrivaled by any other sign. Why? You’re ruled by the planet of luck, Jupiter. That means that with the right mindset, you can pretty much attract whatever luck you believe you deserve, at any given moment. Imagine the best case scenario, and allow yourself and others, to believe it’s just around the corner. Who’s to say it’s not? And don’t forget: Picasso said that even mistakes are lucky, if you know how to use them.

Capricorn Manifesting Super Power: Your Leadership

You’re the mountain goat, Capricorn, meaning you’re ready and willing to climb any mountain to get where you need to be. Work ethic comes naturally, and so does setting an example for others. You can make others feel in good hands and on the right path like no other. When you do that, you get support from others, can outsource extraneous tasks, and expand your own mission. You’re a builder, at the end of the day.

Aquarius Manifesting Super Power: Your Altruism

Aquarius, for you, the personal is political. Your deeply humanitarian nature means you’re moved to mobilize masses or mountains at any cost if it breaks down systems that keep people oppressed. It’ll serve you to identify the statement you’re making, the support you’re lending, and how your actions are always serving the greater good. You’re an idealist and an agent of change. Be shameless.

Pisces Manifesting Super Power: Your Big Picture Perspective

Expansive Pisces doesn’t play small for long. Having a solid understanding of how any goal – whether it’s manifesting your dream home or a partner, serves your soul’s journey, is actually a practical move. Don’t try to be satisfied with just the material, Pisces – get clear on what fulfills you on a soul-level, commit to it, and everything will fall into place.

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