We’re back at it with the most iconic potheads of cinema – part two. Part three coming as soon as our reviewer gets his mom’s new Netflix password.

Since the inaugural instalment of this series of pics and clips was such a hit at the Weedbox office, we had to give you another session.

Our previous list wrapped up with Raoul Duke, the alter ego of this instalment’s first, Dr. Hunter Stockton Thompson. Although the flamboyant, dreamlike Duke of Fear & Loathing is better known, before Terry Gilliam’s Vegas romp, everyone’s favourite old white man, Bill Murray had already taken a swing.

Hunter S Thompson (Played by Bill Murray – Where the Buffalo Roam)

Billy left SNL and camped out with Thompson at his heavily fortified Colorado compound, getting twisted, taking trips, and blowing shit up. He would return to the show for his fifth season, but still in character. No word on how much acid he was on as he sat behind the Weekend Update desk.

Wooderson (Played by Matthew McConaughey – Dazed & Confused)

Alright. Alright…Alright. This selection is inevitable, because in the now megastar’s first turn as a comic character actor he smashed it like a mailbox on the last day of school. Even more than the iconic line, we should not forget this:

The Dude (Played by Jeff Bridges – The Big Lebwoski)

This charcter’s impact on popular culture was a (pardon the pun) slow burn. However, this laid back LA chiller who gets caught up in a neo-noirish web of sun bleached betrayal and neon lit crimes of the night has become a major cinematic icon. Look around at your next Halloween party or attend a Lebowskifest (a real thing) in your town. You’ll discover that the dude might abide, but the love of Coen Brothers nerds is as thick as a whole milk White Russian.

Also, this scene:

Redman (Various Films, Shows, Skits)

I guess we could’ve selected Method Man as well, but Reggie Noble’s various characterizations in the projects of Red and Meth all blend into one glorious mess of wacky blunted Jersey crust. He is faithful to his persona and does not fuck with the brand, but he belongs on this list because although Meth went on to aspire to be a serious thespian, Red just remained the man. Not to hate on the god MC for having narrow acting range, so did Chuck Norris and he didn’t even come close to making “Whateva Man.”

TED (Voiced by Seth Macfarlane)

If you have avoided the life affirming and joyous CGI aided comedies in which Seth Macfarlane voices a real life teddy bear, you are blowing it. These movies are hilarious alternate realities in which this cute and cuddly little fellow cracks hilarious one liners and lives the fantasy life of all immature stoners trying to fart their way through eternal youth.

Stay tuned to the Weedbox site and social portals, there will be another one of these coming as soon as our film reviewer gets his Mom’s new Netflix password.

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