Your daily java with an additional cognitive boost, short and long term? Pour it up. 

Non-coffee coffee is having its time in the spotlight. Turmeric, beetroot, dandelion, and just about every variety of mushroom out there are among the substitutes that took 2017 by storm, each boasting particular health benefits to trump your regular cup of Joe. The trend doesn’t show any sign of stopping – we’re more hungry for high-functioning superfood coffees than ever.

This is why Caffeine Underground, one coffee shop in New York is making headlines in the US. The only coffee shop in New York selling CBD-infused coffee (courtesy of Flower Power Coffee), Caffeine Underground is making it’s way into the press, and around around the law by taking advantage of a loophole that allows them to sell product with CBD, not THC.

Cafe owner Ian Ford focuses on the health benefits of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid to make drinks that promote productivity and pain relief – an overarching part of his mission. He says, “we want people leaving here feeling better than they came in. The CBD is a wonderful tool in our arsenal.” Ford is a reiki master and CBD-advocate who makes drinks incorporating ingredients like Kava and Yerba Mate. 

What’s a day that starts with CDB-coffee like? Ford says of the first time he tried the Flower Power coffee, “It got me through the day… I slept like a baby that night. It was fine, without any interference. I could drive my car, no problem. It took my pain away, took the anxiety away. I had an awesome day. The caffeine in the coffee gives it a nice little energy bed that keeps you going through that.” So, in other words – it won’t hit you like an edible, it’ll only produce a feeling of calm, supplemented and balanced with an energy boost from the caffeine. No jitters. Less anxiety. Less 3PM crash. 

Flower Power Coffee co-founder Leighton Knowles believes in the product as a ‘superfood,’ of sorts. He says CBD is, “in general, neuro-protective, anti-carcinogenic, protecting against Alzheimer’s [disease], Parkinson’s [disease], and other neuropathic diseases… (using it is) being proactive instead of reactive with your health… If you can consume CBD to offset some of the side effects or promote some of the benefits of other pharmaceuticals, that’s great.” Your daily java with an additional cognitive boost, short and long term? Pour it up. 

While pot is only legal in 9 states in the US, Canada is ready to take advantage of this entirely new legal market come summer. Culinary hotbeds – and proud coffee snob communities, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal have their example set for them by Caffeine Underground. Make your move, baristas. We’re looking forward to seeing what you serve up.

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