What’s better than some hair of the dog post-late-night-cocktail binge? Truly lifting your spirits with a THC-spiked breakfast bevvie.

What’s better than some hair of the dog post-late-night-cocktail binge? Truly lifting your spirits with a THC-spiked breakfast bevvie.

Starting your morning with a dose of THC extract will give you a hit of a potent antioxidant – maybe even more powerful than vitamins C and E, which could, apart from potentially keeping your brain healthy in the long term, put your body at ease. Cannabis may not have the power to rid you of the toxins you may have indulged in the night before, nor will it automatically rehydrate you, but, it’ll help melt away any stress you might be carrying, and stimulate your appetite so you can get properly nourished again.

That said: You of course don’t need to be hung over to enjoy this delicious THC-infused Caesar with your brunch spread. From the kitchen of Chef Phillip Walters, this is a homespun spin on a classic which relies on the more-pure flavours of fresh tomato water (so you you skip all the sodium and additives of the canned stuff) a lime-spiked gin simple syrup, and juniper berry and cucumber ice cubes – and a dash of THC extract. This is, in all senses of the word, a refreshing variation of a Canadian staple.

“This drink is based on a classic gin Caesar,” says Phillip. “As many may not be aware, the predominant flavour of gin is derived from Juniper. It has a great floral aroma, which pairs beautifully with tomato. The goal for this drink was to encapsulate the flavours of summer in a glass, therefore, cucumber, in my mind, was a natural pairing for the drink.”

As a symbol of Canadian culture, the already herbaceous Caesar is, in our opinion, ready for an extra herbal infusion in the form of cannabis. We may have been able to celebrate Canada day with (a legal) one, but, at least we can taste summer in a glass when legalization finally goes down October 17th.

Also: don’t skip the juniper berry / cucumber ice cube garnish here – it’ll make the drink that much fresher and tastier. Phillip says, “my favorite aspect of this drink is definitely the ice cubes. The reason for the addition of sugar here to increase the melting rate of the ice, which, flavored with the cucumber and juniper, slowly evolve the flavour of the drink. Essentially, the longer the drink sits, the sweeter it gets and the cucumber and juniper become more pronounced.”

Paired with some maple bacon, this is definitely the brunch cocktail we want to wake up to post-October 17th. Here’s how to make it:

Smoked Tomato Water Caesar (faux-cocktail, THC tincture)

Smoked tomato water:
8 lbs. roma tomatoes
2 T kosher salt

Process the tomatoes by removing stems, and dice into 2 inch pieces. Transfer tomatoes to a smoking rack, and smoke tomatoes on indirect heat, using your favorite wood, for 45 minutes (suggestions: cherry wood, applewood).

For the tomato water, in a food processor, pulse the smoked tomatoes, and season with kosher salt. Gently transfer to a chinois lined with a cheesecloth, and allow tomato water to drip. Note: allow gravity to do it job. Any applied force to the tomato puree, will render the water cloudy.

Juniper berry / cucumber ice cubes:
1 T juniper berries
1 cucumber (sliced)
25 g sugar
500 ml water

In a saucepot, combine all the ingredients, and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat and allow steeping for 30 minutes, covered. Once water cools, strain contents of the pot through cheese cloth, and pour liquid into ice cube trays. Freeze.

Gin simple syrup:
200 g Dillon’s Rose gin
100 g water
75 g sugar

In a pot, place all contents and reduce to a syrup.

For the drink:
8 oz tomato water
1 oz gin syrup
1/2 oz lime juice
3 dashes worcestershire sauce
4 dashes tabasco sauce

In a chilled mixing glass filled with ice, add all ingredients and stir vigorously. In a serving glass, place 6 or 7 cucumber ice cubes, and pour caesar over ice. Garnish with a sliver of lime and serve with a paper straw. Add your extract and enjoy!

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