The best part of waking up is…cannabis in your cup?

Basically every coffee company’s slogan plays with the concept of said coffee being “great to wake up to.” Other regularly used selling tactics include the idea of coffee being a fast working, crucial agent to help you wake up, and succeed in your day. Utica Coffee Roasting Company literally boast the slogan: “WAKE THE HELL UP!”

This is why the invention of the Keurig was so crucial. Instead of waking up and having to wait for a pot of coffee to brew, (half of which you are probably going to dump down the sink anyway), you can just pop a cartridge into a machine and watch a CUP of coffee for one get poured. Bringing you to the best time of the morning faster, the part where everything stops and you drink a pleasant hot drink that somehow relaxes you while simultaneously turning you into a functional human being, ready for your day.

Seeing as coffee is essentially the great elixir of life, (it’s peaceful ingestion crucial to the days success) – it should come as no surprise that some genius found a way to infuse mary-jane into a sustainable Keurig cartridge.

Introducing Brewbudz. This Las Vegas company developed coffee pods that are infused with different percentages of cannabis, depending on the needs of the individual. The goal, as stated by the website, is to provide a discreet way to ingest marijuana medicine without damaging your lungs, as well as not disrupting others with smoke.

The company defines itself as one that redefines edibles — as well as one that is completely sustainable. The infused coffee comes in 100% compostable coffee pods. The website features a breakdown of what organic products the pods are made of, and explains that when disposed of properly, they can take as little as 5 weeks to completely decompose.

Not only that, but if for some wild reason coffee isn’t your thing, (but you still want to drink weed out of Keurig for the experience, if nothing else), Brewbudz has you covered. The pods also come with black tea (regular or decaffeinated) as well as dark chocolate cocoa.

Currently, the company only sells pods out of their store in Nevada, but hope to expand throughout the US and begin deliveries by the end of 2018. If you want to be informed when these products will become available, enter your e-mail address here: