Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the days when we didn’t have access to bongs or have the prowess for joint rolling.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the days when we didn’t have access to bongs or the prowess for joint rolling. In those days we had to pool our money to buy a gram between 4 friends and throw together a homemade bong to get the job done. To celebrate, we’re putting together a list of our favourite DIY bongs/pipes and giving a nod to the nostalgia. These “bongs” and “pipes” are not the healthiest options, but it’s nice to look back at how far we’ve come.


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The apple pipe is typically the very first homemade pipe people attempt. It has an existing natural bowl for weed and is really simple to put together! All you need is an apple and a poking stick and you’re ready to get started. 

First, take the stem off the top of the apple and use your poking stick (i.e. a knife, pen, screwdriver) to drill a hole straight down. You’ll only need to go about half way down to create an air-tight chamber. 

Next, you’ll create a mouthpiece by drilling a second hole on the face of the apple. The goal is to connect your first tunnel to the new tunnel. Continue drilling until you pierce through to the other side of apple to create your carburetor. 

Voila! You’ve done it. Add your weed to the top of the apple, cover your carburetor, light up and inhale. 


The plastic bottle bong is one of the more complex DIYs to put together. It takes more steps than the other options and it isn’t the healthiest. But, when you’re in a bind, it comes in really handy. You’ll need a plastic bottle, scissors, a pen, a toothpick or pin, and tin foil. 

First, you’ll need to take your scissors and create a hole about half way down the plastic bottle. Keep the hole relatively tight, just enough to get a pen through. We want to keep this incision small to keep the bong as air tight as possible. 

Next, you’ll want to take your pen apart and use the hollow tube as your stem. Insert the empty pen in the hole you’ve created. Then, grab some tin foil to create a bowl at the end of the empty pen and pierce a few holes with your toothpick or pin.

Once you’ve completed all these steps you’re pretty much good to go! All you have to do is fill up your plastic bottle with some water (just enough to submerge your pen), fill your bowl and light. Enjoy your new bottle bong! 


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A gravity bong is about the same level of difficulty as the regular bottle bong we just covered. You’ll again need a plastic bottle (the bigger the better), a plastic container larger than the plastic bottle (i.e a bucket or large measuring cup), tin foil and a pin or toothpick. 

First, unscrew the cap from the top of the plastic bottle and secure tin foil over to create a bowl. You’ll then poke holes into the tin foil to create little passageways for air. Next, you’ll cut the bottom portion of the plastic bottle (about 3-4 inches will suffice) depending on the size of the bottle. 

Next, fill the separate container with water, about 3-4 inches from the top. Place your plastic bottle into the container and make sure the water doesn’t touch the tin foil bowl. 

Add your weed into the bowl and light! From here you’ll see smoke start to fill your bottle. Once you see this happening, begin to slowly pull your plastic bottle out of the container (but not completely). When the bottle is full of smoke you’re ready to take your first hit! Remove the foil from the top, inhale and enjoy! Place the foil back to save the remaining smoke for your next hit or for a friend. 


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A toilet paper roll pipe is one of the easier (and ridiculous) DIYs to make. It requires items you already have around the house and only takes a few steps to create.

First you’ll need to gather your supplies; toilet or paper towel roll, foil, scissors, and a toothpick or pin. 

Create a hole about an inch or two from the edge of the roll. Once you’ve created the hole, add your tin foil to shape a bowl for weed. Next, create holes with your toothpick or pin into the bowl to allow smoke to enter your chamber. And that’s it! You have your pipe ready to go. 

Add your weed into the makeshift bowl, spark up and use your hand to cover one end and inhale from the other. 

Have we missed any DIY smoking creations from your past? Let us know in the comments, we’re feeling pretty nostalgic.

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