Canada is bursting with striking landscapes, and recreational cannabis brings a new way to discover our country like never before. Ready to explore Canada through an elevated lens? Here’s where to go.

Cannabis-loving travelers have been celebrating since Canada legalized recreational marijuana in 2017. This brings a new way to discover and experience our country like never done before. Canada is bursting with galvanic natural landscapes waiting to be explored. From the snowy mountain peaks to urban city centres, there’s something charming to look at no matter where you are in the country. We’ll take you on a tour of some of the best places to enjoy a smoke and see Canada through an elevated lens.

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There’s no better way to light up a joint than beside the emerald shine from Lake Louise. Situated just 40 minutes away from Banff, it’s an easy and breathtaking drive over. This lakeside town offers beautiful backcountry trails with stunning views like Plain of Six Glaciers, which takes you 365m up into the Canadian Rockies. The hike requires 4 hours, but with a joint in hand it becomes all worth it. You can enjoy a munchies break at the historic Plain of Six Glaciers teahouse, just 1km away from the hike’s peak.

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Toronto Islands is the perfect city escape with a stunning skyline view. Like a much needed joint, the island provides a relaxing moment from the fast paced world. Toronto Island offers 3 beaches around its coast with mellow walks between them. You can spark up your Sativa to watch planes fly on Olympic Island or take a boardwalk stroll with the sound of fresh water crashing into the rocks. Whether you smoke up during the day with the sun shining on your skin or in the evening watching the city lights twinkle, Toronto Islands offers a view you can’t miss.

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The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that occur in the Northern Hemisphere. We’re lucky to have the aurora borealis as part of our Canadian identity and even luckier to see it after smoking your favourite strain. The Aurora Village located in Yellowknife provides the best view of the colourful streaks of light with tour offerings and overnight stays. If you opt to spend the night under the Northern Lights the Village offers tent accommodations, extending your smoke session to an all night activity. Grab your lighter, spark your joint and enjoy the night sky as the Northern Lights dance away.

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One of the most pleasant parts of smoking weed is the increase in your senses. Now imagine smoking a joint and dipping into a hot spring surrounded in lush green forest. This is within arm’s reach if you head towards the West coast to Lussier Hot Springs, British Columbia. The series of pools vary in sizes and is easily accessible down a gradual slope from the road in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park. It’s a great place to spend the day with a scenic mountain backdrop and a joint.

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Take yourself to a higher altitude while you get high on top of Cypress Mountain Viewpoint. This elevation offers up panoramic views of Downtown Vancouver and has you surrounded by city and nature. Just take a 30 minute ride out of the city towards the mountains in the sky. If you’re lucky you can catch the clouds roll through the sky scrapers to really feel your head in the clouds.

As amazing as it is to have the freedom to smoke recreationally in Canada, it’s important not to forget your responsibility to the environment. Remember to smoke safe and always clean up after yourself when exploring the amazing landscape our country has to offer!  Learn more about rules and regulations of smoking in parks across Canada here.

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