Palo Santo is the perfect starting point for people interested in energy clearing or doing energy work.

Energy cleansing is a big deal these days. So many people, including Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson literally ‘can’t stop smudging.’ Negative vibes are abundant, and the popularity of smudging really speaks to our need to protect our own energy fields in these hectic times. For people who don’t know what it is, smudging and other forms of energy cleansing are a way to clean your space, energetically and spiritually. It’s an energetic way to set an intention, or simply move out the old, and welcome in the new.

My, and many other energy-sensitive-peeps’, favourite tool for energy cleansing right now is Palo Santo. This is simply wood from a Bursera graveolens tree, which is native to South America and considered sacred (the name Palo Santo means, in Spanish, ‘holy wood’). The Incas were said to have used it in sacred ceremonies to cleanse people of negative energy and illnesses, and also, to inspire creativity and bring about a deeper connection to the divine source.

That this ancient ritual made it’s way into popular wellness culture isn’t really surprising – on a user-level, it’s really easy to love. The tree is part of the citrus family, so when burned, Palo Santo smells like pine, mint, and lemon, which is super uplifting. It’s small and portable, it burns fairly clean, and also pretty cheap in metaphysical or health stores (or our store.) Try it once, and you’ll be hooked, I say.

I use Palo Santo to cleanse myself, my place, and objects (like, tarot decks, crystals, etc.) Unlike sage, which clears out all energy, good and bad, Palo Santo is said to just do away with negative energy. So where you might use sage to cleanse when you move, for example, you can use Palo Santo on a more day to day basis. (ie – after you have a bunch of people over, after the work day when you want to reset and unwind, before you meditate or do yoga – I think of it as an energetic declaration.)

One way I use it to protect my aura before work or heading out somewhere is, after the shower, I light a stick of Palo Santo and walk through the cloud of smoke naked. To cleanse your apartment or a room, just light the stick and walk around your space, wafting the smoke in every corner, in doorways and windows. Palo Santo sticks burn fairly quickly, so you may have to relight a few times as you walk around. I find it helps to say an affirmation when I cleanse my space (simply ‘only good enters here’ or, ‘I am free, I am clear.’)

Palo Santo is probably the perfect starting point for people interested in energy clearing or doing energy work. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require anything more than a lighter. Set your intention, and go forth and cleanse!

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