From blazers to dresses and everything in between—including those trusty oversized staples that linen is known for—linen has grown up.

It wasn’t too long ago that linen—with its hemp-adjacent reputation and wrinkly demeanor—seemed to be reserved for “alternative” lifestyles and environmental warriors. It was definitely not for the office. But, some of those things are changing. The need for environmental warriors and alternative lifestyles has increased and more and more of us are turning to sustainable fabrics and comfortable wares to make sure we’re doing our part. But not everyone is looking to embrace their inner hippie aesthetic and so linen has evolved too. In fact, linen is looking downright chic these days—you might even be tempted to wear it to the office.

The Environment

Linen is made from the flax plant which gives it its fibrous look, and flax takes less water to grow than cotton making it an ideal alternative, and opting for organic linen means you’ll also be avoiding any of the chemicals used in traditional farming that can be hazardous to the environment. Linen is also durable, giving it a lengthy life and ensuring you won’t need to repurchase anytime soon.

The Wear

Though there are many who bemoan linen’s wrinkly nature (it’s seriously hard to iron out linen wrinkles without them coming back in full force pretty immediately), there are those who find that to be part of linen’s laidback charm. The fabric makes for an ideal summer companion because it’s breathable and light and now that more brands are getting on board, there are more styles to choose from than ever before. You’ll still find linen’s predictable drawstring pants and oversized tunics, but you’ll also find simple trousers and even blazers to complement your summer look.

Shop Linen

Emma Knudsen via Etsy

Etsy is the perfect place to search for handmade linen wares and Canadian Emma Knudsen’s shop is the place to start. I’ve already purchased this perfect oversized t-shirt dress in this stunning shade of red. I plan to wear it to work with my Converse sneakers and relaxed hair and makeup as well as a summer wedding with strappy sandals and a sleek blowout.


Sometimes simple is best, and if you’re going simple start with the basics. Every summer wardrobe needs a simple linen blouse so investing in one from eco-conscious brand Everlane is a great bet. The slightly boxy fit is great to wear loose with jeans or tucked into a great summery skirt.


This linen blend jumpsuit just screams casual summer weekend with its loose silhouette and summery stripes. Pair with a simple tee or tank and sneakers for the ultimate casual look, or make it office-friendly by opting for a collared shirt and pumps.


Linen definitely doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, indulging in a linen statement piece is the perfect combo of wear-anywhere-ease. And picking up a statement linen outerwear piece? Consider this linen blend piece your wardrobe secret weapon for dressing up jeans and a t-shirt or your next meeting.


Linen trousers have certainly ditched their hippie roots with these perfect for the office linen blend pants. Pair with a white button down for ultimate boardroom appeal or with a simple tank to take you to after-work drinks.

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