These final lists are for things that don’t fit in our other categories, but are of note because you might put them on the turntable when you feel some type of way.

The point of record store day is not so much to produce records nobody wants to buy. The idea is to cause traffic in the culture and at the brick and mortar stores by producing small numbers of things that MANY people want to by.

These final lists are for things that don’t fit in our other categories, but are of note, especially on Weedbox, because you might put them on the turntable when you feel some type of way. Open minded. Flexible. Relaxed. This is left field oldies, new school mindblowers, and trippy shit to play when hanging out with kids, or kidding around with tripping adults.

Enter the Dragon (OST) – Lalo Schifrin

The score by Argentinian composition magician is as wrought with moments of tension, peril, and excitement as Bruce Lee’s final heroes journey. Lalo had a knack for cribbing elements from all the soundtracks, jazz, pop, and FUNK of the day to craft scores that are perfectly acceptable as epic music for everyday living.

Be not mistaken, this is the backing music for feats of athleticism, perilous stunts, and a righteous tale of revenge. The film wouldn’t be the crossover martial arts classic that it is without this music.

The sound of the wood block will haunt you even if you’re not shipping off to a fighting contest on the private island full of bad guys.

Diplo – California EP

In an ode to his first release Florida, Diplo has released another left-field set of tracks that seem to mark where he is at now. In demand. Lamping in California. Huge stars on speed dial. Yet, Diplo is still just striving and surviving like any other sensitive artist with a knack for giant swooshing beats and rhythms brought from faraway lands. Remember “Paper Planes,” dude is good at taking vocalists of a certain trend or time and making it THEIRS.

He takes the opportunity to organize the skills of a bunch of new stars of the post soundcloud generation that have crossed over into dance, rap, and R&B and give them time to put their feelings in the air. All the new kids are here: Xan, Yachty, Desiigner, D.R.A.M and of course Santigold with who has been collaborating on futuristic hooks and verses to these kinds of Soundscapes since before Diplo started getting booked in futbol stadiums.

The guest artist vibrate with millennial angst and modern problems, but the grooves and moods that Diplo supplies provide a chauffeur ride through the bright side of your next dab or personality crisis, or both.

The Flaming Lips – The Story of Yum Yum and Dragon

The music and spectacle of The Flaming Lips are on a thirty year run on a rainbow highway to the castle in the pink clouds of success where they are bathed eternally in the full spectrum of light and realize that all power in this consciousness comes from love and the end of the journey is actually the start. Or, something.

That is to say, elements stronger than beer are a present in their world.

Even long trippers and robot fighters get thirsty, so they have teamed up with Delaware based craft brewer Dogfish Head to release two songs to accompany the release of beer that was brewed with the band.

The tracks have yet to hit the internet (obviously you can’t download beer), but the titles alone hint at instant classic drinking songs by masters of third wave psychedelia.

“Pouring Beer In Your Ear (The Beer Song)”/”The Story of Yum Yum and Dragon”


There is an official music video and some reports say that there is beer pressed inside the record. It’s The Lips.

Powell Peralta – The Search For Animal Chin Soundtrack

A skateboard company being credited as a music artist is rare. In this case the collective of skaters, film makers, and surrounding musicians collaborated on the score to this 80’s masterpiece (although Dennis Dragon and Johnny Rad share usual credit).

The skating may have changed, but this music is still holds up as a rad score, for anything, maybe even just your hazy sunday by the turntable.

Fawlty Towers – Second Sitting

A weird choice even for this list, but immaculate background to a quiet day in the crib. This is the audio from two episodes of the landmark English sitcom by John Cleese (of Monty Python).  Widely regarded as one of the funniest shows of all time, finally able to be appreciated as audio alone without simply closing your eyes.

On picture disc.

Side 1: “The Rat”

Side 2: “The Builders”