Sagittarius can teach us to embrace an attitude of adventure. With only 5 weeks left of the year, what better time for this energy to swoop in and help us visioneer our way into a new chapter?

The sun is now officially in Sagittarius, which brings us into a bright, joyous, celebratory season. This is quite the shift from intense Scorpio season, which, for the past month has had us feeling all the feels. Now, we can take whatever truths we uncovered from our innermost depths and allow them to fuel us to live our purpose.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, so it naturally wants to grow whatever it touches. This sign can teach us how to truly live life to the fullest – to learn and achieve all we possibly can. With only 5 weeks left of the year, what better time for this energy to swoop in and help us visioneer our way into a new chapter? 

Both passionate and focused, Sagittarius is the centaur or archer, so its most moving ideas are from a passionate, primal place, and it uses its higher mind to take aim and fire. This sign is as hungry for knowledge as it is enthusiastic. This is a season to quit underestimating yourself, and embrace your most fearless, can-do attitude. 

Here’s how to make the most of Sagittarius season. 

Set your New Year’s intentions early  

Sagittarius energy can help us ignite our most expansive vision for the future, but the next couple weeks are especially powerful for doing so. We’re currently in the final days of Jupiter’s time at home in Sagittarius, a lucky transit that’s been in effect all year. Hence, this year has pushed us to expand our big-picture thinking and faith in the future. Coming up on December 2nd, Jupiter moves into grounded Capricorn, which will support us in getting practical about our trajectory and harness more discipline. 

Make the most of Jupiter’s last days in Sagittarius by coming up with your most inspiring vision for 2020. What do you dream of doing? Travelling? Getting your message out there in a more authentic way? Take all the wisdom and feedback you’ve acquired over the past 11 months and get brainstorming. By the time Jupiter shifts into Capricorn, we’ll all likely be feeling a little different about what’s possible. 

Allow for some spontaneity 

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Dare to prioritize that thing you might have forgotten about over the past couple months – having fun! Adventurous Sagittarius urges us to ditch routine and move shamelessly toward whatever piques our curiosity. Whether for you that means spinning the globe and booking a flight or just initiating a casual Tuesday night after work happy hour with the team, remember that getting out of your usual routine every once in a while is necessary! How will you ever experience magic if you’re so focused on doing what you know? Of course, the holiday season is just about here, so if you can’t let loose now, when else can you? 

Focus on the power of your word 

Do you believe you can speak things into existence? This season might prove it. While Sagittarius wants to remind us that we’re here to live out loud, the full moon in Gemini on December 12th could highlight any blocks you may have around speaking your truth. Opposites on the zodiac, Sagittarius and Gemini both deal with the theme of disseminating information, learning and teaching. Consider: how do you teach people how to treat you? How do you use your voice as a tool? Are you talking about yourself in the way you’d want to be spoken about? With only a few weeks left of 2019 (!) this is the time to recognize the power of your word. 

Embrace generosity 

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If you’re normally fairly conservative in your thinking, this season may have you throwing your worries aside and just going for it. In all the ways. Sagittarius can cast a spell of generosity over us in all senses of the word. Now, you might find that big risks get big rewards, or you might find yourself wondering how you’re going to make it in to work tomorrow or make rent. Don’t be the latter! Go easy on your body and your bank account, and remember that being generous isn’t just about how much money or time you spend – it’s about how open your heart is in any given moment. Quality, not quantity. Give of your love and attention without conditions and watch how your, and others’ walls fall down. There’s no downside to that.

Make travel plans 

When was the last time you indulged your inner jet-setter? Sagittarius reminds us that experiencing the world is maybe the most joyous ways to expand our own personal horizons. It’s one of the biggest splurges, and a trip will bite into the work schedule, but have you ever regretted taking a vacation? Ever? Truly, the cost of travel is an investment in yourself. (Black Friday / Cyber Monday flight deals, anyone?) Even if you can’t go anytime soon, you can start your research and planning now. That’s half the fun. Plus: Mercury is officially direct, so, you’re safe to book that flight.

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