Want to try CBD for your skin? We got 6 beauty experts to share their DIY recipes.

CBD is the darling of the wellness world right now, but there’s no shortage of questions around it. Is it actually worth the hype? What makes it so effective? What is it, exactly? If you’re wondering any of the above, you’re not alone.

Questions may outweigh the answers around CBD at this stage in the game – research is in its early stages as is the norm across the industry right now – but regardless, we can be confident that the buzz won’t die out anytime soon. This market is projected to hit $22 billion by 2022. The lack of science isn’t putting any damper on the opportunity. Now is definitely the time to try CBD and see if it works for you.

Before you grab your wallet though, CBD is strictly regulated in Canada, meaning only licensed producers can produce it, and only registered retailers can sell the products. So, it’s not exactly easy to find the products touted to help you actually get the glowing skin and smaller pores. Head to the OCS and grab some high grade CBD oil and take matters into your own hands.

We got some beauty experts to share their top tips and recipes for incorporating CBD / cannabis sativa oil into your skincare routines.

Kiki Athanas, Founder of ME by Kiki: CBD Tincture + Adaptogens = Supplement for an Inside-Out Glow

For this Toronto-based holistic lifestyle advocate, CBD is a key companion: “The power of CBD is the power of BALANCE – is there any other goal in life?!” she says. “Getting into YOUR rhythm and YOUR OWN equilibrium – ultimately so that you can thrive exactly how you operate best is the definition of health in my mind. CBD helps you get there, and it certainly has for me. That’s why I love it and will always have it in my overall wellness toolkit.”

For Kiki, healthy skin is an inside job. “The key to trouble-free skin is restoring balance internally,” she says. “While it may not feel as intuitive to take an oral CBD tincture for external skin issues, that is the best most powerful application in my mind. Stacking it with an adaptogen like schizandra or goji berry – both go-to beauty herbs – can further amplify that radiant glow from the inside out.”  

For wellness lifestyle – that actually fits your lifestyle, meet Kiki Athanas – Founder of ME by Kiki. A holistic lifestyle advocate, educator, retreat & workshop host, journalist, and speaker. Say goodbye to overwhelm and let Kiki save your time (and adrenals!) as your guide to curated wellness that works.

Tee Krispil, Founder of FLEURS Tea: CBD Tea Bags to Reduce Eye Puffiness

At FLEURS, Tee works with medicinal herbs and high-grade CBD to make teas and topicals for an overworked clientele. “We use full spectrum hemp oil because of how nourishing it is!” she says. “If you’re going to rub anything on your skin, might as well have it be packed with skin-healthy nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids. Because our skin naturally has cannabinoid receptors all over its surface, CBD is absorbed really easily when used topically.”

Tee has CBD tea everyday either as part of a meditation or on-the-go – “it helps me relax and really calms my nervous system,” she says. She makes her tea habit serve her skin, too: “After I steep my CBD tea bags, I’ll put them on my eyes to reduce puffiness and inflammation. The other healing herbs in the blends also help to soothe the skin and make me look more awake!” Keep that in mind after your next late night.  

My name is Tee! Listing “what I do” has proven to be challenging, I feel like I’m continuously redefining my roles as a business women and as a human being. I’ve done a handful of things from teaching yoga, to cannabis writing, digital marketing strategy, plant-based cooking, touring as a musician, and my current endeavour- founding & running @fleurs_tea, a Vancouver based CBD tea & topical company.

My love for herbal healing started way back in first year college, where I began experimenting with natural ways to increase my productivity. I’m committed to sharing alternative means of healing, whether through cannabis, herbalism, music/writing, or yoga/movement. My vocation is to help people slow down and experience the present while spreading light and realness in all I do. I hope to inspire/help others to be the best versions of themselves!

Nitasha Goel, Founder of  The Cure Apothecary: Essential Oils + CBD Oil = Peppermint Blend Roll-On 

Most green beauty lovers are fast friends with CBD these days, but Nitasha, who vets natural skincare products for a living, wanted to do some research before she was convinced.

“As someone that doesn’t sleep very well and suffers from severe headaches I (now) turn to CBD oil vs medication. But to be honest, there was a moment where I wasn’t looking at CBD oil as a remedy to help me,” she says. “Once I started to research and experiment with CBD oil my quality of life changed.”

Now, CBD is a relaxing part of her self-care routine. “CBD to me means PAUSE. Taking a minute and listen to your body,” Nitasha says. “My number one go-to CDB DIY treatment is a peppermint roller. I love to use this roller to reduce tension, and to help me relax before bed. It’s super easy to make and extremely effective. Roll on your temples or pulse points for the full effect.”

Nitasha’s Peppermint Blend Roll-On:

  • 4 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 2 drops lavender essential oil
  • 1 drop in eucalyptus essential oil
  • 1 drop chamomile essential oil
  • Any carrier oil – jojoba, avocado or grapeseed
  • 6 drops CBD Oil
  • Roller bottle

Mix the ingredients into a small bowl. Using a funnel, pour into your roller bottle.

The Cure Apothecary grew from a passion project – my craving for natural personal care to be easily accessible to everyone. It was hard to find clean, natural beauty products in Toronto back in 2013, so I took my knowledge from my retail buying background, sourced the most beautiful natural personal care brands that aligned with my vision, and created The Cure. Today, The Cure is online, with its own in-house brand that is growing in 2019. I am excited for this new chapter of The Cure.

Brandi Leifso, CEO and Founder of EVIO Beauty Group: Avocado Oil + Cannabis Sativa Oil = 2-Ingredient Night Serum

Brandi started EVIO Beauty Group while living in a women’s shelter (hear her full story on The Dopist), and she’s passionate about using her brand to confront stigmas and promote sustainability. Cannabis helps with that: The brand recently partnered with Aurora to develop co-branded cannabis sativa oil cosmetics.

“We included cannabis sativa seed oil to help us further our mission of creating a conscious future by creating a better space for the planet, the community, and animals,” she says. “Cannabis sativa has allowed us to eliminate animal by-products in our beauty product formulas by replacing it with cannabis sativa seed oil as well as provide more transparency to our consumers.” Switch to plant-based beauty and join the conscious mission.

Brandi’s DIY tip: “If you can get your hands on great quality cannabis sativa seed oil, mix it with a carrier oil like avocado oil and use it as a night time serum. Sometimes less is more, and in this case these two simple, natural ingredients can be dry skin’s best friend. You’ll wake up with that dreamy, glowing skin.”

Brandi is the CEO and founder of Evio Beauty Group. Evio Beauty is on a mission to create a conscious future with products that are good for your skin, the planet, and our community. Five years ago, Brandi was living in a women’s safe house in Vancouver, where she developed the concept for the original line, Evelyn Iona.

From these humble beginnings, Leifso successfully established relationships with over 50 coveted retailers including QVC, Credo, and Aillea before establishing a direct-to-market model. Leifso has raised more than $1.4m in pre-seed through strategic alliances with manufacturing giants and has won the support of a coveted board of directors and advisors. Brandi secured a spot as a 2018 alumni member of the esteemed Sephora Accelerate program and was selected as one of Chatelaine Magazine’s 2018 Women of the Year. 

Ty Bramwell, Founder Ebb & Flow: Coarse sugar + Essential Oils + CBD-Infused Oil = Hempy Sugar Scrub

Ty stocks her mindfully handcrafted apothecary with an assortment of CBD-infused skincare products, because to her, “CBD heals.” For her, this means it carries both physical and energetic benefits.

“I have a couple chronic injuries, one from being a dancer, and one from a car accident,” she says. “The combination of aromatherapy from plant and essential oils and pain relief from CBD is a match made in heaven. To have an aura of calm combined with real pain relief, is going to change wellness and the way we care for ourselves.”

Ty suggests making a CBD-infused scrub to have on hand for curing post-winter blues. “Scrubs are so easy to make at home! Below is a recipe for an in-shower scrub. I like to scrub once a week while the conditioner sits in my hair and buff away dry skin and bad moods.

Ty’s Hempy Sugar Scrub:

  • 1 cup of organic coarse sugar
  • 1/4 cup of CBD-infused carrier oil (I like hempseed, olive, or coconut for scrubs)
  • A few drops of an essential oil of choice (lavender, grapefruit, or sweet orange are good for scrubs)
  • 1 small mason jar

Mix everything together in a bowl, and store it in your mason jar. It will last up to two months – and try to avoid getting any water in the jar.

Ebb & Flow was founded by alchemist Ty Bramwell in 2013 and creates organic apothecary, candles, & jewelry, by hand, in small batches using ancient processes. Bohemian meets the sand meets the desert, with meaningful designs, stories, and vibes.

Graydon Moffat, Graydon Skincare: Hemp Hearts + Blue Spirulina + Hemp or CBD Oil + Yogurt = Blue Majik Face Mask

Graydon Moffat, who calls herself an ingredient anthropologist, combines superfoods and science to make products that support the skin and overall wellbeing. Her favourite DIY mask involves a few potent plant-based ingredients.

“One of my favourite ingredients right now is blue spirulina,” she says. “I particularly like using blue majik which is a special type of blue spirulina. It’s nutrient dense and full of protein, vitamins and minerals – it’s fantastic for your skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties. If you suffer from redness or acne prone skin, this is a great ingredient to add into your regime.”

Combined with probiotic-rich yogurt, hemp hearts, and anti-inflammatory hemp or CBD oil, it makes a mask that is “rich and creamy and a really enjoyable experience for your face.” Save it for your next chill self-care Sunday.

Graydon’s Blue Majik Face Mask:

  • 1/2 cup of hemp hearts
  • 1 tablespoon of water
  • 3 tablespoons of organic yogurt (can also use a coconut alternative if vegan)
  • 2 capsules of blue spirulina or one spoonful of blue majik

1. Take your hemp hearts, yogurt and spirulina to combine. Pour the water over.

2. Blend on high for 30 seconds. After blending it should be creamy like making hemp milk. Finish with hemp oil or CBD oil, depending on which you have access to. Apply on cleansed face and let sit for 10-15 minutes.

Store the remainder of the mask in small mason jars for further use.

Graydon Skincare brings efficacy and transparency to natural skincare by partnering with superfood farmers and blending their oils and extracts with clinically-proven actives, to deliver products which readily work to support and improve the skin. Not your typical green beauty brand, Graydon resonates with a wide-ranging audience who enjoy her elegant, minimal packaging and appreciate the opportunity to extend their personal wellness choices to include consciously made beauty.