Crunchy af.

In the true spirit of the first official long weekend of the summer…we snacked. A lot. And you know what that means? A shit ton of delicious chip reviews coming your way, thanks to several days spent smoking and munching at the cottage.

First up: Cape Cod’s Waffle Cut Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, or, the crunchiest fucking chip I’ve ever allowed to cut up the roof of my mouth.

All jokes aside, this waffle cut chip delivers the crunch unlike any I’ve ever tasted. The tight knit construction and kettle cooked quality truly makes this chip the ultimate for dipping. It will not break, that I assure you. And while eating a whole bag at once might damage your mouth, it’s probably worth it.

These chips have a great sea salt flavour, without being too overbearing. The only complaint we had was the amount of oiliness. The kettle cooked quality and criss-crossed design allows them to hold in a ton of oil and grease and isn’t the best chip to consume if you’re looking for something light. However, mixed with a nice onion or mayo-based dip, these would a great, and filling, snack.

Get crunching and grab a bag today.

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