A match made in heaven.

Does the perfect tortilla chip exist? Sure, there are several different kinds, with different crunch, purely corn, some with sea salt, some with flour, the baked varieties, the fried varieties – but what constitutes the holy grail? We think we’ve found it.

Enter Frontera Small Batch Lime + Sea Salt Tortilla Chips. Simple, to the point, and entirely perfect. These chips have artisan-quality crunch in every bite, the sweet taste of stone ground mexican corn, and a tangy hit of lime and flaked sea salt to round them out.

Made the old fashioned way and thick cut for maximum crunch, these chips are made from 100% organic corn, trans fat free (you know, if you care about that kind of thing), and have no artificial colouring or preservatives. In fact, the ingredient list is only six ingredients long. And for us, simplicity is what wins in the tortilla chip game. Besides, tortilla chips are really just a vessel to get salsa and/or guacamole into your mouth. Are we right, or are we right?

And that brings us to Frontera’s Gourmet Mexican Guajillo Salsa. The perfect pairing for these crunchy triangles of goodness. Medium heat and packed full of flavour, this all natural salsa leans heavily on the spice of the guajillo pepper, but rounds out nicely with garlic and tomatillo flavour punches. More of a sauce, this salsa is the opposite of chunky, but pairs really well with the salt and tangy lime of the chips. Typically more of a chunky salsa fan, I was quite impressed with the flavours in this salsa and actually used it in many dishes after I ran out of chips (eggs, pizza dip, rice bowl).

With a ton of other all-natural gourmet salsa options, you can’t really lose when pairing these chips with a delicious dip. Make some homemade guacamole and you’ve got yourself a party.

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