An intoxicating mixture of salty and spicy, these delightfully crunchy chips will leave you wanting more.

And we’re back again with our second chip review of the week. Why? Because we love chips, duh.

Made by Route 11, a small batch chip factory that’s been operating in the Shenandoah Valley since 1992, these kettle cooked Chesapeake Crab chips are unlike anything I’ve ever had before. The company cites their traditionalist values for their unique and exceptional chips, explaining that the methods they use when cooking allow them to create a finished product that is unachievable on a larger scale. The outcome is “a great chip, that has a good crunch, without being too hard and a nice, golden color with a body that has plenty of curl”.

Equal parts salty and spicy, the flavour in these crisps is so unexpected and amazing, you almost smile upon first bite. Flavoured using J.O. Spice Company’s “Crab House Spice”, the authenticity from the Baltimore, Maryland company’s famous mixture is immediately apparent. If you’ve ever eaten traditional steamed Maryland crabs, you will know this taste well – it’s the same blend of finely ground peppers, salt, and sugar that watermen and restaurants use.

And with a strong paprika taste, along with hints of celery salt, red and black pepper, cloves, and allspice, the varying flavour notes in these chips give them an incredible amount of depth that you’ll be tasting long after you finish the bag. Additionally, the level of spice happens to be just right. Enough to leave a bit of a spicy after taste in the back of your throat, but not overpowering enough to give you a runny nose or stop you from eating chip after chip (after chip).

Don’t even get me the started on the downright perfect texture of these chips. They’ve got an incredible crunch, while still being soft and sort of melt in your mouth-like. Meaning – they won’t cut up the roof of your mouth like some other mass-produced kettle cooked brands. They’re also all natural, gluten free, and (surprisingly) contain no seafood.

The only downfall we could find in these delectable crisps is the difficulty of finding them. So far, we’ve only found them at one store in the city, a fine food grocery store on the outskirts of Toronto . However, to find a stockist near you, or to order some online (they sell cases!), check out Route 11’s website.

Want these delivered today? No problem, here you go:
Route 11 Chesapeake Crab All Natural Potato Chips 6 oz (Pack of 3)

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