The day we’ve all been waiting for is actually almost here now. Are you ready? Like, really. Are you ready?

The day we’ve all been waiting for is actually almost here now. Are you ready? Like, really. Are you ready?

Things are about to change in a big way. Not just for cannabis users, but all Canadians. The fact that our country’s laws around cannabis are getting a re-write means that our collective way of socializing, practicing self-care, and working, in this country are about to look a lot different. This is a plant with a hefty, wide-spread impact across many different areas of life, and we’re really about to see this in action now. October 17th will bring a milestone that’ll reverberate for years to come.

SO, as we lead up to the big day, be sure to peruse the government’s everything you need to know about legalization page for all the info around legalization, including how much pot you’ll be able to legally possess, where you can smoke, rules for driving / workplace use, etc. etc. so you KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Then, make sure you’re personally set up for what is sure to feel like a brand new world. Here are some ways to start preparing for legalization now.

Ready your devices for that first online purchase. Legal sales go live October 17, when consumers 19 and over will be able to buy cannabis online via the Ontario Cannabis Store. The site won’t require you to set up an account – they’re planning to have ‘the lightest possible touch on consumer data,’ but, of course, you’ll want to be poised and ready to get your order in pretty promptly. Delivery times and cost are still being determined, but given the fact that packaging and distributing will be done in a controlled manner, you’ll want to be quick so they can be. The OCS is planning to supply to private stores throughout the province (find out who they’ve made initial supply agreements with here), but not till legislative requirements are all in place. Stay up to date on their announcements on their blog.

Locate your go-to sources for all the (other) things. So, while you’ll be able to buy cannabis online through the Ontario Cannabis Store, and later through private retailers, apparently its offering will be pretty limited – there will be ‘dry flower’ or bud, some oils, and some seeds you can buy if you want to try growing at home. You’ll of course be needing an accessible source of papers and other accessories, so find your go-to companies now! Make a point to support the ones that are making cannabis products accessible, inclusive, and unique.

Find your cannabis community. Or, expand yours. The Big Love is one group that does cacao ceremony and dance events and they’re hosting a cannabis legalization celebration on October 17th. Or, if you’re into yoga, check out an Elevated Asana event in the city that encourages guests to come pre-elevated. Or spend Halloween at Smoke Show’s Halloween event, the city’s only Cannabis friendly drag show. Our city’s cannabis community is a mixed bag of vibrant offerings for people of truly all kinds. If you haven’t found your ride or die cannabis-friendly crew yet, don’t spend another weekend without them. And share the love! Comment below to share some local events and communities you like.

Talk to your kids. For parents, legalization means the opening of a dialogue that was, for many families, far from open before. What seems like a difficult conversation doesn’t have to be. Your communication about cannabis ideally isn’t just one conversation, but an ongoing commitment to honesty and transparency in your fam. Check out our conversation with Aliza Sherman, Co-founder and CEO of Ellementa on how to talk about cannabis with kids for some guidance.

Honour the occasion! Don’t let October 17th pass like any other Wednesday. Plan to make it a special. Get your cannabis-consuming friends some treats and make their day. Break out the special blend and gold rolling papers and gift yourself a night of indulgence. Whether you watch old Cheech and Chong movies with some homemade brownies or host an elevated dinner party for your friends to celebrate, enjoy every second of your consumption on October 17th like it’s the first. It IS your first in a legal world, after all.

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