Your cannabis news roundup for the week of March 11th – 18th.

Welcome to The High Five, where we start the week off with a hit of world cannabis news. Here’s a sampler of top stories for the week of March 11, 2019.

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  1. Martha Stewart has signed on as an advisor with licensed producer Canopy Growth to develop a new line of CBD and hemp-based products, and couldn’t be more excited.

2. In the States, 2020 presidential hopefuls continue to get behind pot legalization to win the favour of a populace that’s increasingly down with dope.

3. Policies around workers compensation for medical marijuana gets messy over in New Brunswick.

4. If we needed more reasons to love pot: A new study found that women who reported consuming cannabis before sex had a 2.13% higher chance of reporting satisfaction with their orgasms. Tell your bffs.

5. Folks in Lumby, BC are not happy about the proposal for a 100,000-sq-ft grow-op coming to their town of 1,731 people. Houses are up for grabs about it. Just sayin, Toronto…