Your hit of cannabis news for the week of May 13 – 20th.

On Mother’s Day, Miss Grass released the results of a survey collected from over 700 mothers, with questions ranging from what forms of cannabis they consume to when they use it to who they hide their usage from. This is the real story on how moms use cannabis.

California might triple number of marijuana shops across state
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California could triple its number of legal pot shops. Proposition 64 is moving through the legislature, and would require cities to permit at least one cannabis retailer for every four liquor stores, or one for every 10,000 residents, whichever is fewer. Summer road trip, anyone?

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Where cannabis investors see the next big wave? In precision dosing.

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Health Canada announced its changing the process for issuing cannabis licences in a bid to reduce wait times – but will the new laws actually make our country’s pot supply shortage worse?

Though, the demand may be evolving: According to a new study, many Canadians are becoming bored with legal pot, and aren’t as stoked for edibles as we think. Welp, more for us.

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