Your dose of cannabis news for the week of September 3rd, 2019.

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Twelve applicants who were originally selected to apply for a cannabis store licence in Ontario have been disqualified for not providing the proper documentation on time. One winner has withdrawn. Thirteen applicants on the lottery’s waitlists are set to replace them.

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The Ontario Cannabis Store has admitted to selling licensed producers data based on customers’ addresses.

New StatsCan data shows the output in Canada’s cannabis illicit market declined by 21% since recreational pot was legalized in Canada in October, Bloomberg reports.

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In case you were curious, here’s how much weed and cocaine are consumed in Toronto, Ontario, versus other major cities.

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“Do we want multinational businesses using vast marketing budgets and gifted creative teams to teach our children that smoking a lot of pot is somehow sexy, or manly, or sophisticated? …Would we be content with a Microsoft of marijuana?”

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