Your hit of cannabis news for the week of May 21 – 27th.

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The Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store in Ottawa has had to reduce its business hours due to a lack of supply. When the province limits how much pot a store can order to 25 kg per week, and your store makes around 1,400 transactions a day… you’re going to have an issue.

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Aurora and UFC have partnered to advance research on the relationship between CBD and athlete wellness and recovery. We’re here for it.

Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart just announced the launch of his new cannabis brand, Mind Your Head Cannabis. Get your ‘Magic Minis’ starting today. 

Meanwhile, the cannabis industry is projected to hit a job-creation rate of 110% in just the 3 years from 2017 to 2020(!) No wonder Leafly calls it America’s hidden job boom.

As a result, colleges and universities are opening up more cannabis-centric courses. Let’s hope some of them can help figure out this supply problem for us in Canada.

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