To do: get a boob hickey.

Have you been suffering from sleepless nights, desperately dying to know what teenagers these days are actually up to? I mean, besides Snapchat and selfies and Chipotle and Kylie Jenner lip kits? Well, you’re in luck. A photo that’s been posted to Twitter has gone viral, after a shopper at Urban Outfitters found this handwritten, ‘Summer Bucket List 2017’ in her changing room.

Twitter: @scorpiosars

The list itself is all over the place, ranging from ‘give two blowjobs’ and ‘decorate room’ to ‘pet a giraffe’ and ‘get a boob hickey’, ending off with ‘go ape’ – sounds like this girl is in for a wild fucking summer. And with getting drunk all the time already checked off, it seems like it’s off to a good start.

And hey, if going to a drive in movie, doing summer reading, and let’s face it, going ape, doesn’t give you serious nostalgia vibes for your high school years, we don’t what will.

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