What do the cards reveal for your sign this month?

This is the final month of 2019, friends. Now is the time to think about wrapping up not only the year – but the decade. What are you really ready to leave behind? You have permission to put the past in the past, and now more than ever, the time is ripe for energetically clearing the path ahead to our brightest future.

Expansion is the gift of Sagittarius season (November 22nd – December 21st) which whole-heartedly endorses our ‘live life to the fullest’ attitude. Use this season to craft your vision for the coming year, and know that the first couple days of the month are especially auspicious – this is the last burst of blessings before lucky Jupiter leaves free-wheeling Sagittarius and shifts into grounded Capricorn. After this our dreams will require discernment, focus and structure to be realized (type A folks, 2020 is your time to shine!)

The full moon in Gemini on December 12th is the last full moon of the year and it’ll illuminate how we really feel about the holidays. Don’t neglect self-care around this time. Instead, give yourself space to let the major themes of the year and other intuitive knowings come clear. When the new moon eclipse comes on December 26th, it could bring a glimpse of the potential of the upcoming year – eclipses are known to shine light on our karmic path. Don’t get too into the eggnog or indica that you miss the subtle signs.

Stay grounded in your truth this month and honour the person you’ve worked hard to become. Here’s your tarot guidance for the month ahead.

ARIES: 10 of Cups 

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Imagine how it would feel to finish 2019 feeling like you’ve made it. What would that feel like, Aries? Would you feel proud? Peaceful? This month wants to help you feel all those good feels. Be proud of how far you’ve come in one year and trust that every step of your journey, every detour, every mistake, has been for a purpose. You’re ending one leg of your journey and heading into a brand new one now. Take with you all the lessons you’ve learned and give yourself some props and a celebratory smoke.

GEMINI: High Priestess 

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How would it feel to trust in yourself supremely, Gemini? In December, your intuition is your best guide. All the answers you’ve been seeking are inside of you. Are you making space for those nigglings to come clear? Are you honouring the signs all around you? In those spaces of stillness (and don’t resist around the 12th – it’s your full moon!), your foresight will be crystal clear. A CBD-rich strain like Harle-Tsu can help with that.

TAURUS: The Devil

You explore themes of attachment in December, Taurus. You are ready to challenge your idea of what’s possible for you and move forward into a new year as a freer-thinking, freer-feeling self. The container you existed in in 2019 is ready to expand, and along with it, your comfort zone. Prepare to share yourself in ways you never thought you could. Stock up on an uplifting strain like White Widow to help free your mind.

CANCER: The Lovers

December offers you a chance to step further into alignment with love, Cancer. Make a choice to leave behind any beliefs or ideas that aren’t aligned with your most loving self-image. You have a solid understanding of your personal values, and what you need and want out of life – you don’t have to comprise any of it. Allow yourself to feel pride for all the personal triumphs of the past year, roll and joint and set your intentions for 2020 from a place of total self-love.

LEO: 4 of Cups 

Don’t mistake fatigue for disillusionment, Leo. You can feel inspired again, but you must give yourself permission to feel exactly how it is you feel. Give yourself all the time and space you need this month (and all the CBD bath bombs) and plan some way to break out of your routine and reinvigorate your perspective before you start 2020. In December, the hard work of the year catches up to you, and it’s time to reward yourself for it.

VIRGO: 6 of Wands

It’s time for you to receive the recognition you’ve been working so hard for. 2020 ushers you into a new, more visible way to demonstrate leadership and set an example and with it, new rewards. December will give you a taste of what your ultimate success could feel like, so pay attention to the signs you get that feel encouraging. Keep putting in the work for now and know that you’ll soon feel like you’re flying. Or, get there right now with some Green Crack.

LIBRA: 4 of Pentacles

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December invites you to assess your boundaries. Is it possible that there are ways of protecting yourself that you don’t actually need to feel safe anymore? 2020 wants to help you let more love, more money, more fresh energy into your life, but do it in a way that’s truly authentic to you. Get present and consider how you could feel safe to enter into the dance of energy exchange – when it comes to money, to love, to your time and energy, knowing that nothing is ever lost.

SCORPIO: 5 of Pentacles

Your abundance mindset comes into focus this month. As you navigate the season of giving, pay attention to the thoughts or judgements that arise from a focus on lack and just don’t feel good. Challenge them by giving generously of your time, energy, money and stash where you feel called, knowing that when you do, you will always get it back in some way. Trust that. There are so many ways to give your love, Scorpio. Explore them this month.

SAGITTARIUS: The Hierophant 

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December wants to bring your awareness to your true feelings around the traditions that are on your mind right now. What ways of honouring the passage of time do you actively take part in? What allows you to feel like a small part of something big? Indulge fully in these, this month, and make them intimately authentic. Rituals are sacred, but only if they are truly yours. Something to consider as you pack a bowl with intention.

CAPRICORN: 9 of Pentacles 

If there’s one thing you have to celebrate from the past 11 months, it’s the work you put in to building your confidence. You’re able to do so much more now than you could at the beginning of the year – namely, trust ultimately in your own ability to do whatever it takes to provide for yourself. Honour this. Your gratitude for all the success you’ve built, including the mistakes along the way, will start 2020 so right.

AQUARIUS: Ace of Swords 

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This month requires you to stay present for all the changes that are taking shape in your life. In order to receive the bright new beginnings that are ready to find you, you must see things exactly as they are now, not as you wish they were or as they could be. This is a major moment of expansion for you, Aquarius. Let your mindful curiosity take you beyond your current horizons and be aware of the labels your mind tries to cling to. Cultivate clarity with a strain like Chem Dawg.

PISCES: 9 of Cups 

How things look is not as important as how they feel, Pisces. Your intuitive sign knows this perhaps best of all. So don’t let the holiday season sweep you into its wave of materialism and distract you from the whispers of your heart. This is a potent time for you to set focused intentions for the future – because what you wish for for 2020, you’re going to get. Take your desires – and your power to create, seriously.

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