What do the cards reveal for your sign this month?

Welcome to a new month!

As we head into November, expect the pace to slow in a big way. Mercury stationed retrograde on October 31st, and will be backspinning through intuitive Scorpio until November 20th. Until then, not only will communication tend to be stilted, but words will carry extra emotional weight. Resist knee-jerk responses during this time and remember: this period wants us to challenge our own habitual thought patterns – and this can be a good thing.

When we make space for mindfulness around our communication and our perceptions this month, we can gain more control over our whole world. And what better time than now to decide how – and who, we want to be? With only 2 months left of 2019, and of this decade, we can, and must embrace transformation. The last half of Scorpio season (until November 21st), is prime time to release old ideas about ourselves and allowing a new version to come through. What old emotions and energies in your life are you ready to transmute?

When the sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22, the focus shifts from deep-feeling to a more free-wheeling, outspoken way of being. Now, we can take those truths we learned about ourselves and others and broadcast them to the world with more fearlessness. Until then though, you may want to give your thoughts and feels some space to become whatever they need to be.

Here’s what you can expect for your sign this month.

ARIES: The Magician

woman holding string lights

You have the power this month, Aries. You have all the right knowledge, all the right skills, connections, and support, to create exactly the conditions you need and want, now. What are you ready to create for yourself? What vision is ready to pop into reality? Picture the most confident version of yourself, doing you in the way you feel called to, then tune out all distractions, take a hit of your favourite CBD strain, and make it happen. It’s all you.

TAURUS: 6 of Wands

woman standing near water pipes

You’re on a roll of getting recognized, Taurus (you pulled this card back in October, too). The positive feedback you’ve been getting in response to your ideas continues into November, and all you need to worry about is fine-tuning your message. Think long term and consider how you can make this winning streak something that supports you down the line. Keep your spirits high as you soar above the bullshit with a strain like Super Silver Haze.  

GEMINI: Queen of Wands

grayscale photography of woman play guitar

If there was ever a month to come up with a fearless alter ego to call on for confidence (ie – your own Sasha Fierce), it’s this month. November wants you to take your throne already! The people around you will be relying on you to take the lead, and you can do that just by being your most self-assured, independent-thinking, optimistic self. How fearlessly can you be yourself? Fire up your DGAF attitude with a strain like White Widow.

CANCER: The World

woman seating on skyscraper

You get to say goodbye to 2019 early, Cancer – you’re already ready. November will invite you to sit with all the events of the past year and take time to recognize all the work you’ve done, all wisdom you’ve gained. You’re a way different version of yourself now then you were 10 months ago. Start wrapping whatever may be keeping you tied to the 2019 version of you. You’re about to step into a whole new self. Pump your energy up with a strain like Durban Poinson.

LEO: 7 of Swords

person standing on green grass during sunset

It’s said that the most successful people work in secrecy, not sharing their cards until everything is ready and perfectly aligned. You’d be wise to do that this month, Leo. You definitely have a master plan in the works and a very specific vision you’re creating, and you know it best. So, stay in your lane, keep your eye on the prize, and don’t feel the need to shout your business from the rooftops just yet. You know who you need to be tell-all-honest with – in November, that’s not everyone.

VIRGO: King of Swords

November will give you all the focus you need to boss up. Don’t resist your natural organizational skills, decisiveness and uncompromising efficiency – they are exactly the skills you’ll need this month. Make a checklist and get specific about your goals for the month / the rest of the year, then create the structure and routine that sets you up for success. You’re good at that, right Virgo? Your CBD vape pen is about to be your BFF. 

LIBRA: Ace of Cups

November could be an emotional month, Libra. Let ‘em flow. You’re ready to be free of any of the blocks that may have been keeping your heart safe. It’s time to embrace your feels – after all, vulnerability is courage. Share your truth with whoever needs to hear it. If you need some courage, stock up on some Dr. Feelgood.

SCORPIO: Page of Wands

man standing beside wall

November comes with an exciting invitation for you Scorpio. With the sun shining the spotlight on your natural strengths until November 23rd, this month is the perfect time to plug your passion into a new creative outlet. What feels inspiring right now? Who can help you bring out your potential? Tune your radar toward those helpful connections – they’re ready to find you.

SAGITTARIUS: King of Pentacles

Are you ready for some big king energy in your life, Sagittarius? This King is a master money maker, and he comes with some great news for your security for month ahead. If you’ve felt a little less than financially abundant lately, know this: You’re not working toward a flash in the pan kind of success. You’re in it for the long term! Finally, this month starts to yield the rewards you’ve been working so hard for. Splurge on some nice new accessories for yourself. You deserve it.

CAPRICORN: Knight of Swords

two woman sitting near table using Samsung laptop

There’s no stopping you this month, Capricorn. You have a message you’re ready to share with the world and now is the time. Get busy promoting yourself, making connections, and sharing your truth with the world – you can make a ton of progress right now. Just be aware: Mercury, the messenger planet, is retrograde until November 20th. Stay mindful of your words and who you share them with. Get out of your head and back into your body by microdosing some edibles. 

AQUARIUS: 5 of Cups

two women hugging each other

November brings you an opportunity to have a total change of heart, and along with it, perspective. Consider what ‘lost opportunity’ you’re still stuck on, Aquarius. It’s time to let it go and recognize that there is so many opportunities all around you! Be honest with yourself, and make November the month you choose self-love over regret or disappointment – you’ll be amazed at how much energy you get back. Reclaim your peace of mind with a strain like Jillybean.

PISCES: 8 of Wands 

person holding woman's hand beside sea while facing sunlight

November is about to get you busy, Pisces. Aligned opportunities will find you effortlessly, and this time, you won’t have to push. If you’ve felt like it’s been a struggle to get things moving at work, or in a relationship, that period is over. The results you’ve been working so hard for will flow toward you now, all you need to do is keep up with the demand! Stay present and on your toes with the sativa strain you know you can count on.