What do the cards reveal for your sign this August?

On the heels of a very active July, some of us might be feeling the need to take a step back for some much-needed perspective. Last month’s eclipses prompted us to see things in a new light, and truths may have been revealed that led some folks to make major changes. If you’re feeling drained by the events that went down, you’re not alone. Thankfully, we can all take a breath now – the most challenging days of summer are over. 

August promises to deliver a slower pace and with it, a chance to regroup and refocus. The month ahead invites us to put our heels up, take a bong hit, and soak in summer’s last rays while things fall into place. Allowing is the name of the game this month. These are the dog days of summer, after all. Read on to check out your tarotscope and find out what you can expect. 

ARIES: 8 of Pentacles

Work work work work work may be a recurring theme throughout August, Aries, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be cool with it. This month sees you immersing yourself in your work in a way that feels so right. If you feel less social than your usual, go with it. The 8 of Pentacles wants you to know that you’re so close to being done a major leg of your journey in building this next step of your career. August is the one last push you need to really finish it up strong. Don’t stop now. Light up some Sour Diesel and put those earbuds in. 

TAURUS: 3 of Pentacles

Earth school (ie – the school of life) is going to be giving you a lot to learn this month, Taurus. Whether you’ve recently stepped into a new role at work, or taken a next step in a relationship, your identity has changed recently, and you have more responsibility. August sees you taking major steps in your personal growth and collaborating in new, upleveled ways. Everything you do now is pushing your realm of expertise. Keep your eyes wide open and look alive – you have strains for that, right? 

GEMINI: 4 of Cups

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You need a change of scenery, Gemini. Have you been putting off that mini vacay? Is your apartment collecting dust as you go about the same routine? Bong filthy? Phone too quiet? Time to stir up some new energy and clear out the old. Why? You have access to some amazing opportunities to feel truly, deeply fulfilled within arms reach – you just need to see them! Do you see how amazing you are, Gemini? If not, newness is the medicine – you thrive on that. Don’t forget it. 

CANCER: 6 of Swords

You’ve been through a lot this summer Cancer, and it’s clear now, who you are and who you definitely are not. It’s time to close the chapter of July, thank all the gods. You get to move forward as that new, wiser, more resilient you now, and take with you only the things you need. Leave behind the conversations that aren’t conducive to your peace of mind. Your inner peace is the key to your being in your power in the world! All you need is faith in yourself. And your best body-melting indica. 

LEO: Knight of Pentacles

Happy Leo season, sweet lion! This month, slow, steady, and intentional work will help you make the most progress in manifesting your dream. Don’t second-guess yourself, don’t allow yourself to get bored with the process of showing up everyday and doing the work, and most importantly, don’t forget why you started! Aim for positive self-talk and lots of rewards this month (this is definitely not a month to let your stash run dry). You’re on this journey for a reason – because you are the only person who can do it like you.

VIRGO: 3 of Wands

It’s said that we become what we behold, Virgo. As you stand before a brand new month, I invite you to consider the vision for your life. Is it clear, this idea of your future self? Do you have a firm grasp on it? The 3 of Wands says it’s time to expand your horizons, and in order to know how to do that, you must have a clear sense of who YOU are and where you’re going. Check in with your personal vision and definition of ‘success.’ Here’s a tip: Get a head start with a euphoric strain like Northern Lights and meditate on it.

LIBRA: Knight of Cups 

It’s time to follow your heart, Libra. Not your mind, not your impulses, your heart. Make space so you can hear it, this August. Whether it hits you over the head with its guidance or nudges you gently but persistently, chances are, there will be no denying its wisdom. It’s leading you to accept a new adventure. Move toward whatever inspires you and away from whatever makes you feel drained. Libra, August is all about doing you and having fun. Kick it off with a splurge on some decadent new CBD treats, I say.

SCORPIO: The Lovers 

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Everything you’ve learned about yourself, what you value – and ultimately – what you recognize as love, has led you to where you are now Scorpio. August marks a major milestone, possibly a crossroads. You will have have to make a choice – and it won’t be simple to make the call, but do decide to be fearless and be a crusader for love in your life, Scorpio. What will that look like? Accept the growth opportunity, even if it scares you.


You are an excellent manifester, Sag. Do you see that? If not, it’s time to get your conscious mind up to speed. Look around you. You’ve manifested what you wished for. Right? The lesson you get to learn in August is how you can manifest from your heart, not your mind (or ego) now. What is it you really, deeply want, as opposed to what you think you want? Unwind with some Blue Dream and really consider that. You can learn a lot from your past. You don’t want to repeat it, right?

CAPRICORN: Ace of Cups 

You’re not typically the most sentimental sign, Capricorn, but the last month may have peeled back a lot of the fear that was hiding your vulnerability, leaving you feeling a little ungrounded. Or, maybe July just gave you a lot to feel grateful for. Either way, August invites you to step into a whole new way of expressing yourself. Like, from the heart. Don’t judge your own process. Let it flow. A strain like Chocolope could help. 

AQUARIUS: Page of Cups 

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It’s time to listen to your intuition, Aquarius. A message is trying to come through. The Page of Cups says, ‘you have so much potential as a creator, a light worker, a lover, and it’s time to take yourself seriously!’ August invites you to take the next step in mastering your emotional intelligence. For some, that might look like taking a step back from a side hustle to restructure. For others, being really honest in a relationship. Whatever passion project or love affair you’ve been pouring your heart into has only just begun.

PISCES: The Emperor

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It’s typically your style to go with the flow, but this month sees you letting your fins rest where they are and instead, making the decision to deepen your commitment to something. What might that be? Whatever it is, make sure it’s about you committing to yourself, Pisces. The Emperor wants you to know that you’re ready to step into full confidence and full understanding of your worth. What area of your life is calling you be a leader? It’s your time to shine.

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