What do the cards reveal for your sign this month?

Welcome to October! This is the month of transformation; releasing the old, and moving into the dark half of the year.

This month we continue on into Libra season, the Venusian sign of the scales. This energy can help us to get ourselves and our surroundings looking and feeling right so we can show up in the world ready for anything. Libra is definitely one of the most aesthetically-oriented signs, but it’s also deeply motivated by justice and fairness. This is why it excels at cultivating powerful partnerships – it knows that at the end of the day, we can achieve so much more with others than we can alone.

Is there a union you’ve been working on nourishing over the summer? The first half of October could lend some extra motivation to weave strong bonds and even celebrate your differences. Wait until the full moon in Aries on October 13th to find out exactly what it is you need from your supporting crew – this lunation will light up the parts of your unique self that are ready to shine. Carve out some me time for self-expression in whatever way feels good for you.  

When the sun moves into Scorpio on October 23rd, the focus shifts from beauty and balance to getting to the bottom of things. As one of the most intense, emotional signs of the zodiac, Scorpio is hardwired to seek the whole truth and nothing but the truth in all matters. So, those partnerships you were committing to in the first half of the month? You may start to see another side of them in the final week of the month. Embrace the dark and the light. 

Also: On Halloween, Mercury turns retrograde until November 20th. You know the drill: Back up your hard drives, check your spam folder, etc. etc. Mercury retrograde may slow your pace a little, but it’s also an opportunity to backtrack and make sure all the people you’ve been collaborating with all month are on the same page. 

Here’s what you can expect for your sign this month.

ARIES: The Lovers

woman standing near trees during daytime

This month marks a crossroads in your life, Aries. What commitment is on the table for you right now? The Lovers asks you to release a less compassionate version of yourself so you can give yourself fully to love. That’s what you’ve been wanting, right? Don’t get cold feet now. Release limiting thought patterns and step into the love the universe is offering you. Do it with pep in your step with a strain like Love Potion #9.

Gemini: The Tower

Things are about to shift in a big way this month Gemini, and it’s ultimately a good thing. The Tower is a symbol of structures crumbling and in turn, leaving us feeling lost. Don’t stress – October may deal you some unexpected events, but ultimately, it’s all happening to help you essentially, ‘cut the iffy ones off.’ Trust that what and whoever exits your life this month just straight up wasn’t good enough to stick around. Stay in your power with your favourite uplifting sativa. 

Taurus: 6 of Wands

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Taurus, others are about to notice you like never before. October could be a fantastic month to take a leap of faith in your business or put yourself out there in love. The 6 of Wands shows you literally riding on your high horse, waving your wand around and leading a pack of admirers. It’s your time to shine! You might hit your follower count / subscriber goal, or get gifted some excellent exposure. Look alive, get ready to schmooze, and bring your most discreet pipe

Cancer: 10 of Pentacles

row of four men sitting on mountain trail

If you were losing sleep over financial matters in the past, know that you’ll rest easier this month, Cancer. You’ve worked long and hard to build up your security, network, and your wisdom – and this month you get to celebrate the journey with your crew! THC-infused cocktails, anyone? Remember: Gratitude begets gratitude. Make a list of what abundance you’re ready to call in next.

Leo: Queen of Swords

Having this no-nonsense Queen on your side this month means you’re being invited to cut through the bullshit. What area of your life needs that most right now? Commit to clarity above all else and assert your intention like you mean it (fire up that CBD vape and get focused). You’re a leader, you have the power to say what goes. Rule over your life like this queen: with a perfect blend of logic, rationality and intuition. Your word is your sword. Use it wisely.

Virgo: 6 of Cups

You’re definitely not the same person you were years ago – months ago, or even weeks ago, Virgo – but chances are, returning to a past version of yourself could serve you in some way now. Take time this month to get back to your roots. Ask yourself: What do you need in order to be purely, simply happy? A steady paycheque and stocked stash? A good crew and ample opportunities for  smoke breaks? Life can be simple, Virgo. It might even be better that way.

Libra: Page of Pentacles

woman holding clear glass candle holder and grayscale portrait of a woman

Treat yourself like the new up and coming talent you see truly going places. You are, Libra. Pages are the messengers of the tarot, and it’s their job to deliver messages that cause shifts, start new cycles. This page wants you to know that new material success is on the way – but you must open yourself up to it first. Check your mindset and your foundation. Is it solid ground to build on? What changes might you need to make, if not? Start by upgrading your weed set-up – because all talent needs to unwind after a hard days’ work of bringing home the bacon.

Scorpio: 9 of Cups

Your blessings are about to pour in, Scorpio. The 9 of Cups shows you sitting happily in front of all the trophies you’ve acquired. Congratulations! What more do you want? To have someone to share the journey with? Or, maybe a little more of a community around you? While keeping your gratitude for all you have, set your sights on some ‘as good as it gets’ dreams for the rest of the year. Some call this the ‘wish card’ – when you pull it, you get to make a wish! Go ahead. Just make sure you’re making a wish from your heart, not your ego, Scorpio. Start by relaxing your mind with your go-to indica.

Sagittarius: King of Wands

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You’re a firecracker at heart, Sagittarius, and this month, leaning into your passion and zest for life will be rewarded. As you move away from any stress you were dealing with in the summer, don’t let any confusion dim your focus on your goals. You must do things your way now, Sag. Release any cares about what others think. Chances are, they’re all looking to you for your ideas. How do you envision your personal influence expanding now? Ponder this question over some Fire OG.

Capricorn: Strength

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What do you need to feel 100% strong in yourself, no matter where you are, or who you’re with? You’ve come so far on your journey of independence and now, you’re ready to take the next step. Is it possible that some people or habits around you now are actually kind of hindering your success? You definitely don’t need the old support systems you used to need, after all. Consider what once supported you that now actually feels like dead weight. Let it go of the old, and prepare to be amazed at what the new opening lets in. Boost your self-confidence with a high-CBD strain like ACDC.

Aquarius: 4 of Cups

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Aquarius, you’re so done with boredom, stagnancy, and feeling like, ‘is this it?’ Mostly though, you are so done with not fully honouring your self-worth. You know now that when you don’t recognize your self-worth, you don’t notice all the beautiful opportunities around you to share your light. September sees you changing your perspective in a big way. Now is the time to do the things you were afraid to do before. All you’ll need to do this month is say yes. Polish up your bong and get ready to share.

Pisces: Ace of Wands

woman putting liquid lipstick on her lips while looking at vehicle's mirror during daytime

Pisces, this month gifts you some major fresh start vibes. Expect to feel a renewed sense of excitement about your life and purpose. Show the world you’re ready to step into your most activated, passionate self now. What might that look like, Pisces? Maybe you finally clean your studio and set it up like you’ve been coveting on Pinterest. Maybe you actually start dressing for the job you want. This is a month to make your fresh start happen. Activate your wildest dreams with a strain like Chemdog.

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