We unbox the Galaxy KandyPen – a sleek and modern vape pen that’s perfect for concentrates. And hey, once you get the ‘5 fast clicks to power on’ down, you’ll be well on your way! Fast thumbs, people.

Whether by CCTV, friends, strangers, or our own telephone wielding hand – we are constantly being photographed. Given that fact, more than ever in human history, style matters. I can still hear the voice of one of my elders saying: “You know, I’d like to get into vaping…but I just can’t handle the idea of walking around all day sucking on a straw stuffed into a garage door opener looking like a total asshole!” They had a point, in our nascent-free smoking culture, many manufacturers do sacrifice form for function. However, my experience with the Galaxy KandyPen has led me to a beautiful Valhalla where you can still look cool while receiving top shelf performance from your device.

The hardest thing about using this device is getting the rhythm of the “five clicks to start, three clicks to change” button-pushing system. Fast thumbs, people! However, once you get that down, the pen delivers clean and high quality flavour in a fresh and unadulterated fashion. A thing that I love about this pen is how fast it cooks, because after all, in 2018, nobody has time to wait for dabs.

The pen is a good weight, so you always know where it is, but is not so big or unwieldy to get cumbersome when mixed with keys, phones, lighters, papers, transfers, and other flotsam and jetsam of a contemporary pocket.

The Galaxy also charges relatively quickly via a USB that connects into the unscrewable battery pack. I cannot overstate the convenience of having a simple plug-and-play USB charger, as we live in a world full of those ports. The only liability is that the charging cord screws into the device via a bespoke point of contact, so if you lose your cable, you have to buy another one from the manufacturer.

The ease of set-up and the ease of cleaning are two more assets of the Galaxy KandyPen. The world of concentrate-filled heating chambers can be a yucky and goopy one, but the parts of the KandyPen are intuitively crafted for less stress in assembly, storage, and cleaning.

Even though the masterminds at KandyPen have made a hearty product that will last for years, they have raised the stakes and shown great respect to us consumers by instituting a lifetime warranty.

Ultimately, the KandyPen is a choice device because it is made with respect for the user. They work great, they look fly, and attention to detail has been paid all along the way.

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