There’s a time and a place for a super-extra bubble bath, and that time is WINTER.

There’s a time and a place for a super-extra bubble bath, and that time is WINTER. Upgrade your bathroom to support maximum indulgence on the cheap, and those days and nights seem a little less frigid – and your mood a little brighter! Here are a few ways to make your bathroom a self-care oasis and stave off winter blues.

Put the right healing herbs and oils to use

Adding dried herbs and essential oils to a bath elevates it into a healing experience. Two choice herbs that help to lift the effects of SAD are dandelion flowers, which is known to reduce depression, and chamomile, which helps lower stress hormone levels. Put a few tablespoons of each into a loose-leaf tea bag and add to your bath. Also, as a calming herbal blend to smoke, chamomile is great, and ditto lavender. 

If it’s more energy you want, add a few drops of patchouli or lemon or grapefruit essential oils – this will increase alertness and stimulate your senses. Spritz your towel with them if you want. As an invigorating herbal filler in your joint to compliment an uplifting bath, mint will get the blood flowing.

Add a light therapy component

Light is huge when it comes to DIY remedies for staying high vibe in winter. Bring a Himalayan salt lamp or candle holder into the bathroom to cast a serene glow – these beauties are said to provide a boost of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain, which literally creates the feeling of happiness. They also help purify the air by giving off negative ions, so you can breathe easy.

Bring plant life into your bathroom

Plants are air purifiers and being around them has proven to make us happier – they’re overall big supporters of our wellbeing. Bring your jungalow vibes into the bathroom – see our picks for best houseplants.

Play some soothing sounds

My personal favourite recommendation for sounds, check out some singing bowls. They create a range of sounds that’s said to restore the normal vibrational frequencies of out-of-harmony part of the body and spirit. You don’t just hear them, you feel them, in a way. It’s all about tuning out the noise and welcoming in peace. Lay back and dream.

Work in some movement

Stimulate circulation (and gratitude for your body) with a scrub. Make one yourself with extra virgin coconut oil and organic coffee grounds or brown sugar, if you want. Apply in a circular motion on your body, starting at your feet, moving up toward your heart, to support circulation. Tell your cells you love ‘em all with each movement. They listen, I say.

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