Your favourite pair in the GTA world.

Still trying to find your Rick and Morty fix before the third season drops? Well, you’re in luck. They both appear in a new mod for Grand Theft Auto V, done by Jedidiah515, a huge fan of the Adult Swim show. GTA games are one of the most commonly modded games, allowing users to play around with the game code and drop in new characters or situations and see how their fare in the game’s world.

In the first video, Rick (actually, multiple Ricks) is dropped into the GTA V world, goes on a serious joyride while listening to ‘Get Schwifty’, before performing a striptease for GTA’s actual protagonist. The second video features Morty and Mr. Meeseeks along with Rick, and their endless search for McDonald’s epic Szechuan Sauce. Take a look below.

Could you only imagine how fucking dope a Rick and Morty game would be?!

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