In the realm of woo-woo wellness and healing techniques, Reiki is really one of the more out there. But just one session can leave you feeling lighter, quicker, brighter, less stressed, and more focused.

In the realm of woo-woo wellness and healing techniques, Reiki is really one of the more out there. But it’s also one of the most simple and straight-forward, IMO. I launched into the weird world of Reiki when I found myself in a full-time corporate job that robbed me of energy more than anything, ever. It wasn’t enough for me to just meditate and do yoga. I needed some serious energy cleansing and management, day to day. So I got a Reiki attunement and ended up getting second degree practitioner certification. It never turned into a side hustle, but it helped me a lot and I learned some skills that I still use as I move through the world, and I still love it and totally recommend it to people who are particularly sensitive to VIBES and want to take more control of that.

What is Reiki, actually?

The term Reiki is derived from two Japanese words – Rei, or, higher power, and Ki, which is life force energy. Together, it’s ‘spiritually guided life force energy.’ Basically, how a Reiki practitioner works is they’ll move their hands over your body, cleansing your energetic field. They channel pure life force energy through their hands, and use it to neutralize yours, and just bring about balance. You can get a Reiki treatment if you’re stressed out, dealing with a physical or mental illness, dealing with loss, depression, or just want to ‘reset’ your energy and mindset after a work week. It’s not a religion, or any sort of dogma, it’s just all about bringing balance and harmony back into your energy body.

How you can do it: start with this Reiki hack

Rub your hands together really fast for a few seconds and then still them and place them close together, and feel the buzzing sensation. Move them slowly up and down and bring them together and move them apart, and just feel the energy like a ball between your hands. Make it bigger, make it smaller, feel your palms like they’re a panel of sensory awareness. Bring your hands to your heart, your throat, your third eye, and bring your attention to those centres and experience the subtle change in sensation that happens in those areas. It might feel like an opening, a warmth, or maybe just a slight heaviness.

Spoiler alert: Reiki is all about getting still AF. It’s subtle. So subtle, that if you’re not really putting your intention into it, it’s not going to work. (It’s one of those things where, it works if you work it.) You’re working only with your own life force energy, here – you’re not going to be shooting rainbows out of your hands – so it requires, obviously, a bit of a mindset shift. This is why I think of it as an active form of meditation. It’s about getting super present, becoming completely aware of my energy as I feel it in my hands – getting sensitized to it, and bringing my focused, loving attention to each of my 7 chakras.

Disclaimer: Obviously, this is not for everyone (if the word chakras makes you want to ralph, then you are free to go and do something else). It works for me though; like, I don’t really care to know if Reiki works to know that it just works, for me. So, there’s that.

A simple body scan Reiki ritual you can try today

Clear a space for yourself where you won’t be disturbed, and that you don’t associate with work or anything else distracting. Put down a yoga mat on the floor if it helps you ‘create space.’ Smudge the room before hand, if you’re into that. The goal here is to get in a meditative mindset.

Set an intention. This could be as simple as clearing the negative vibes out of your energy field, or clearing your mind, or just getting in a better mood.

Do some dry bathing (or, Kenyoku). This is what I was taught in my attunement – you start and end each Reiki session with a dry bathing motion as a way to sweep out the negative energy. Sweep your right hand from your left shoulder, down and across to your right hip. Then sweep your left hand from your right shoulder, down and across to your left hip. (This video shows it pretty well.)

Lay back and visualize a white light entering your crown chakra at the top of your head and infiltrating your body. Bring your hands to the top of your head, and bring your awareness to that area. Reinforce your intention with your energy and your thoughts as you communicate it into that chakra.

Continue scanning down your body, spending a few minutes at your third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral chakra and root. Here’s a 30 minute guided meditation for chakra alignment I return to over and over again – it’ll guide you down each chakra. As with all meditation, when your thoughts stray, just gently bring them back to the present. Anchor into your breath, or the sensation in your hands.

Close with some dry brushing.

After a Reiki session, most people tend to feel lighter, quicker, brighter, or more focused. Again, it’s not magic, but it’s one way of practicing self-care on the daily.

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