We unbox the Journey Pipe. Find out why this screenless, virtually indestructible pipe comes highly recommended.

The Journey Pipe has all of the hallmarks of any good trip, voyage, or as you might say…journey. It is a piece that will provide it’s owner with endurance, speed, enjoyability, and a quick turnaround between usages.

Just to hold and feel the device one is struck with the fact that it is incredibly durable. The pipe is contract of electroplated zinc alloy that seems that it will last a lifetime. The construction is branded “shatterproof”, and having held one, if I dropped it on a marble floor I would be more worried about the tiles and less about the pipe.

The speed and efficacy of use is another stalwart feature of the J1-J4 series. This pipe used rare earth magnets to easily and crisply snap closed for travel, or back together if dismantled, which makes it ideal for commuter or day trip use. Speed of cleaning is also an asset, as the three piece device can be cleaned with an alcohol wipe in thirty seconds or less. Pipe smokers are known for their patience, but the J Series allows them to make whatever level of haste that their heart may desire.

The hand feel and weight of the pipe are perfect both for drawing smoke, and for knowing that you have out in your pockets. You will never have to do that ridiculous tapping your pockets and unzipping all your zippers dance when you have the Journey series along with you. After only one session, the piece already felt like an old friend.

Not to mention, that it’s a marvel of aesthetic design as well as practical. The optional FDA approved non-toxic black or red silicone over moulding and sleek precise lines of the piece contribute to an overall impression that is contemporary yet timeless.

Like a person that you would want with you on a journey, the pipe stays cool, and the taste of the smoke remains true to what you pack it with. The 200 micron filter in the screen less bowl doesn’t taint the smoke, and is literally a snap to clean.

Overall, the journey is a reasonable, durable, high quality device that anybody who is making moves will want to have close at hand on their way out the door.

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