Bad Gal Riri, we salute you.

It’s no secret that Rihanna – otherwise known as Robyn, Ri, RihRih, Bad Gal RiRi, The Caribbean Queen, The Barbados Babe, and Miss Fenty – doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks of her. Which is precisely why we love her so much. Often photographed coming out of restaurants with a wine glass in hand, spotted in the streets of NYC sporting a see-through bra under pajamas, or chugging from a diamond-encrusted flask at The Grammys, her public PDA with marijuana is just another circumstance where she simply does not give a fuck.

When the singer got Instagram back in 2011, this only escalated. Her affinity for herb has been widely publicized (and sometimes criticized) since she burst onto the social media scene – but the singer basically responds by posting more selfies of herself and her main squeeze – a big ol’ blunt. And for that, we applaud her.

In honour of 4/20 (and every damn day, who are we kidding), here’s 20 essential photos of RiRi looking hot (seriously, when doesn’t she?) and lighting up. Oh, and feel free to respond to our texts anytime girl, we know you’ll be our bestie eventually…

1. Après-swim

2. Après-ski

3. In the studio

4. With a friend


6. A casual fishing excursion

7. At Coachella

8. Pre-workout

9. Mid-surf

10. At the Diamond Ball

11. Bridesmaid blunts

12. Christmas morning

13. NYE

14. Halloween vibes

15. In nature

16. Sporting pigtails

17. In Dior

18. Posing casually poolside

19. Rocking Timbs and flannel

20. The Pour It Up vid

And because we had to…

Our girl.