From June 21st until July 22nd, the sun is in Cancer, the first water sign of the zodiac. This season is all about feeling our feelings, deepening our relationships and building our most supportive homes. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Ready to shift gears from chatty Gemini season? From June 21st until July 22nd, the sun will be in Cancer, the very first water sign of the zodiac, which wants to help us feel our feelings. This season will offer us a chance to focus on deepening our relationships and building our most supportive homes (internal and external!) – the basic foundation we need to be our strongest selves in the world.

Cancer rules the 4th house in astrology, which represents our emotional security: Nurturing Cancer’s superpower is understanding exactly what is needed to form solid roots. Under its influence, we’re prompted to check in with ours, too. How’s your personal foundation feeling? If this year has been knocking you off your game left right and centre, Cancer season could bring you the right energy to rebuild again.

really rebuild: This Cancer season is playing host to 2 eclipses (July 2 and 16th) and also a Mercury retrograde period (July 7 – 31). In other words, this season has a lot of potential to bring a lot of shifts. While eclipses are known to prompt major endings and beginnings, Mercury retrogrades are known to cast confusion over our conversations. Over the course of July, we’ll be cleansing whatever isn’t meant to be in our lives – and it could come with some shock. But don’t worry: Cancer is here to remind us to prioritize our emotional well-being. Here’s how to make the most of the season of the crab.

Ask yourself what you need to feel safe

Home means something different to everyone, but at its essence, home is whatever makes you feel safe. The crab carries its shell on its back, and understands, intuitively, when it’s safe to come out and when it’s not. What do you need to feel safe, wherever you go? What types of people, places, vibes, feel like home? Now is the time to ask yourself. To stability=seeking Cancer, that feeling of home is our true north – to follow it is to be certain we’re on the right path.

Embrace those hygge vibes

It may be mid-summer, but getting cozy af is Cancer’s MO. Think: hygge vibes: the soul-hugging quality that northern European culture embodies, enjoying life’s simple pleasures is what truly makes a person happier. Do what you can to make your home a space where you can relish simple pleasures – like warm-glowy candles (toxin-free ones!), a sumptuous selection of teas, space in your kitchen for entertaining or just simply mindful eating. Cancer loves to entertain at home, so make your space a place you want to do it in!

Be a good parent to yourself

If there was ever a season to check in with your inner child, it’s this one. Tough-shelled Cancer is the matriarch of the zodiac – always nurturing, but also well-aware of when to dish out the tough love. Partly because this sign is so intuitive, Cancer can call anyone on their bullshit and knows exactly how to do it. Is there an area of your life where your inner parent has been trying to send you a message? Consider that how you make yourself feel safe may not always be what’s best for you. Sometimes, we need to embrace discomfort so we can grow. Cancer isn’t famous for loving risks, but it is incredibly resilient, and can give us the energy to rise to the task of fighting for what we need. Do the loving thing, Cancer says.  

Choose your ‘power memories’

Cancer’s realm is the home and roots, including our childhood memories. For better or worse, we all have them. This season, pay attention to where your thoughts go when you’re feeling lonely or sad. Do you mine your past experiences for confirmation that you are powerless / pathetic / insert judgement here? Take charge of the story you tell yourself and rewrite the memories that didn’t play out as you wanted. Also, consider some of your favourite memories – ones that confirm your greatest strengths. Spend some time meditating on them when you’re feeling anxious and remind yourself of the times you made it through struggles and came out even stronger.

Watch your words, and read between the lines

Every sign has a shadow side, and Cancer’s can tend to be gossipy. Watch what you say and to whom you say it, over the next month. Not only do we have two bold eclipses shining spotlights on everyone’s karmic paths, but we’re also in a Mercury retrograde. Do share from your heart and use your intuition when it comes to giving and receiving information. Watch what’s being said, but also read between the lines. You might find it’s best to stay tight-lipped where you feel the inclination to say your bit. Choose your words wisely.

Get on the path to your purpose

If you’re lacking a sense of purpose, or wondering WTF yours is, this season might be an extra powerful one for you. The eclipses that feature in this season are essentially crash courses in our progress toward purpose – they are notorious for pushing us closer to our destiny. As in, anything that isn’t in alignment with that – say bye! This season is one to stay mindful of your emotions and your reactions to what happens around you – and trust that it’s all happening for a very important reason! Check in with your feels and clarify your direction by journaling, meditating, talking to trusted pals, and being willing to make mistakes.

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