With this forward-looking air sign lending it’s eccentric energy, we’re all a little more supported in cooking up radical ideas and networking with other forward-thinkers. Here’s a message for your sign to make the most of it.

Welcome to Aquarius season! Until Feb 20, the sun is in Aquarius, the sign that rules original thought, innovation and technology. With this forward-looking air sign lending it’s eccentric energy, we’re all a little more supported in cooking up radical ideas and networking with other forward-thinkers. It’s all about creating the waves of change that need to happen now. Ready? Here’s a message for your sign to make the most of the cosmic weather:

Aries: You are a cardinal sign, which means you’re a natural initiator of ideas. Aquarius’ fixed quality can help you come up with systems to follow through with your brightest schemes to benefit your community. What structures is your creative kingdom missing? Bring your awareness to what your intuition has been trying to tell you. And be specific.

Taurus: Take a look at the active role you play in shaping your relationships day to day – with your co-workers, your partner, your friends, the barista you see every day. How do you express your boundaries? Is it time to make some adjustments? Consider how you might tweak your groundwork now to pave a path to more solid, nurturing relationships. 

Gemini: What’s standing between you and your highest self, Gemini? It could be as simple as the way you communicate. To others, to yourself, to whatever it is you call on for power. This month, you get to see how you might bridge the gap to that shiny image of your ideal self. Considering how you communicate is a good place to start.

Cancer: With Aquarius dominating this month, you may find yourself feeling slightly more introspective, or even on edge, than usual. There’s purpose in this. Know that right now, turning inward and examining your relationship to fear is fuel for your following your right direction. Your intuition is your superpower. But you knew that, right?

Leo: This is a month to ‘dress the part,’ Leo. Online, offline, at work, in your social sphere. It’s not about being superficial, it’s about taking pride in your skill in being able to make a warm, inviting first impression. Prioritize new connections and give them your all this month. The people you invest in now will be  the relationships that blossom by summer.

Virgo: While the current position of the sun invites long-term, horizon-pushing thinking, the moon will shine a light on your spiritual life come February. How do you balance staying grounded while also open to inspiration? Take stock of the things that make you feel uplifted – the ‘portals’ in your day to day life, if you will – and make a habit of nourishing yourself at them this month.

Libra: You are a talented bad vibe-neutralizer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be deeply honest with yourself about who around you isn’t supporting your power. This season you can gracefully close off the flow of energy from outside you – and note: gracefully doesn’t mean passive aggressively – and move on with confidence.

Scorpio: Is the daily grind getting you down, Scorpio? If so, it’ll be hard to ignore this month. Bear in mind that any deep feelings of injustice are your calls to action now. You already know (or you may already suspect) how strong you really are. Now is the time to put that strength to the test. ‘Rising to the challenge’ can be tiny – it can even be a thought form. Trust in your power.

Sagittarius: What exactly is it about ‘the norm’ the mundane, the routine, that repels you, Sag? Consider your mission or story as if you were a character in a book. What did you overthrow in your time here? What have you already started? You won’t feel like wasting any more time this month.

Capricorn: A-ha moments abound this month, Cap. You might find that what you assumed it meant to ‘adult’ (think: finances, routines, self-care) gets totally flipped upside down by a world-rocking realization or shift of perspective. This can be a magical, transformative time, if you accept the discomfort that miracles can bring.

Aquarius: With the moon highlighting your house of partnerships starting off February, you’re called to think about how your strengths – an aptitude for technology, a penchant for innovation and rattle-proof logic – can benefit the collective. Don’t be overly self-deprecating or humble! You have valuable, unique wisdom. It’s time to share it. Start locally, then expand. 

Pisces: Consider what it means for you to be a perfectionist. What is it about this label that doesn’t serve you – and actually does? You are a mutable sign, which means that in addition to being highly perceptive to others, you are a skilled perfecter of existing plans. Make friends with any perfectionist tendency you posses and find out how to make it work for you.

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