Everyone appreciates a friend who can roll.

As the acceptance and popularity of weed grows in Canada, the ability to roll a joint becomes more and more prevalent in a person’s life. It’s a handy skill to have and everyone appreciates a friend who can roll. Whether you’re a seasoned roller looking for tips you might not know of or a first timer, we’re here to show you the ropes!

What exactly will you need to get started? 

  1. Weed – duh. We have a few options which will largely depend on what kind of high you’re looking for. There are sativas, indicas, and hybrids. Take your pick. 
  2. Grinder. You can find an affordable grinder at most corner stores to get the job done or online. If you don’t have a grinder handy, scissors will did the trick too. 
  3. Rolling papers
  4. Filters

STEP ONE: Choose your weed

What kind of high are you looking for? If you’re looking for more of a “head high” or something uplifting that can help combat anxiety, go for a sativa. If you’re looking for weed known for “body highs” or something that increases all around relaxation, go for an indica.

STEP TWO: Grind your weed

Next step is to grind your weed. This one is pretty self explanatory.  

STEP THREE: Decide what type of joint you want

If you’re rolling a joint for yourself, a regular sized paper will suffice. But if you’re rolling for you and some friends go for a king sized paper or create an “L” paper. 

How do you create an L-Paper? 

Creating an L-paper is quite simple. You take two pieces of paper (2 regular sized or 1 king and 1 regular) and align them to create an L shape. Ensure the sticky side of the paper is facing the other piece. Lick the sticky section and attach. Voila, you’ve created an L-paper perfect for large groups! 

STEP FOUR: Create your filter

We have a couple options for a joint filter. The first option we can make using any thick type of paper (a business card, for example). Second option is to go with a filter paper which costs roughly $3.

Whichever option you choose will work! We’re going to create an “M” style filter for our joint. This will ensure that we don’t inhale any weed particles but will have enough space for easy smoke passage. 

First you’re going to fold 3 small sections back and forth, to create a small “M.” Next you roll the filter paper around the “M” all the way through as seen below. 

STEP FIVE: Load up the paper with weed and the filter

Once you’ve chosen your paper and ground your weed, the next step is to load up. First, you’ll place the filter about 3 quarters in (this is a great trick to have a more stable joint at the end). Next you fill the paper with weed. Don’t be afraid to load it up and overflow, just make sure you have a tray to catch any fall out. 

STEP SIX: Create your joint shape

The next step is to lightly fold your paper over and start massaging the weed (this is key) to form the joint shape. Once you’re happy with the shape, tuck the paper over the weed and filter and begin to slowly roll the joint closed. Lightly lick the sticky section of the paper and seal. 

STEP SEVEN: Pack the joint and close

From here, you’ll pack the weed down with anything that fits through the open portion of the joint. A really great tool for this is the end of a pen or a pen cap. Push down the weed (but not too much because this will make it difficult to pull). Next, you twist the top and close your joint! At this point you can push the filter  completely in and this will give your joint extra stability. 

And there you have it! The perfectly rolled joint. Remember to enjoy responsibility and happy smoking!

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